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6 Plant Care Accessories That Are Cute Enough to Be Decor on Their Own

published Nov 20, 2020
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There’s nothing we love more than discovering new finds to add to our houseplant collection — and we’re not just talking about plants. From containers to watering cans, the accessories that make plant care so much easier can also make it way cuter. Greendigs is known for its curation of design-forward houseplants, but their eye for style doesn’t stop there: They’ve curated some very attractive accessories, too. Here are some of our faves

One of the most fun aspects of having houseplants is propagating: Watching your plants grow, then pruning off smaller pieces to become new plants of their own. For many plants, like the vibrant pothos pictured above, new shoots should be kept in water until adequate roots form. These pruning shears are ergonomic, rust-resistant, and a cheerful pastel green. They’ll help you snip with precision. And an elegant set of glass-and-gold propagation vessels will get your new plant babies off to a healthy (and chic) start.

Water keeps plants looking good, but watering cans don’t always have the same effect. Ditch the utilitarian plastic and upgrade to this gold, sand-finished metal beauty. Its slender spout and perfectly balanced handle make for easy watering. And don’t forget your leaves! Almost all plants enjoy a little misting now and then, but it’s especially important for humidity lovers, like the Red Chinese Evergreens above. The timeless design of this mister, featuring a gold spout and glass base, does the job with style.

You’ve chosen artisan-made clay pots that match your decor and moved your plants to just the right spots. Now protect your surfaces from the inevitable scratch, splash, or spill. A set of three double-sided planter trivets will protect your surfaces and look good doing it, with wool-blend felt on one side and cork underneath. Each trivet also has a swivel tag, so you can easily rotate your plant towards the light without marking your shelf or tabletop. A wood block brush is just right for cleaning dirt spills off of surfaces or even leaves — and it’s handsome enough to leave out all the time.

Greendigs provides plants — and accessories — that elevate your home design. From sweet little succulents to beauties that hang and vine, each Greendigs plant is selected by experts and potted in unique, artisan-made containers that complement any decor or color palette. Plants come right to your door with everything you need to have a beautiful life together, including a care kit, plant food, and a display rope. How will your style grow?