6 Smart Ways to Actually Use Orphan Socks

updated May 4, 2019
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Don’t toss those orphan socks — the singles who get mysteriously separated from their pairs between washing and drying can be helpful. Put them to use in a variety of smart ways to help keep your home a bit cleaner.

1. Dust your plants

Slip a couple of damp socks on your hands and give the leaves of your favorite plants the gentle touch for a dusting that won’t damage. Toss the sock in the wash when you’re done. It doesn’t mention socks but you could make a substitution:

  • How To Clean a Large Houseplant

2. Clean your blinds

Next, spritz those damp socks with vinegar or another cleaner you favor and use those dexterous digits to get in the nooks and crannies of your blinds for a deep clean. Toss the sock in the wash when you’re done. Also no mention of socks in the post below, but you could use them with these tips:

3. Deodorize

Socks are like satchels waiting to happen, so add some of your favorite good-smelling dried plant, like lavender, for a satchel you can stick in a linen closet, dresser drawer or anywhere you need it.

4. Say goodbye to spiderwebs

Grab a yard stick and an old sock to dust up in those high corner you can’t normally reach otherwise.

5. Save your Swiffer

Don’t keep splurging on new refills for your Swiffer brooms and mops; just slip a dry or wet old sock on to keep swiffing for clean floors. Tip spotted on First for Women.

6. Clean your baseboards

Your baseboards are a sad, often-neglected space, but a swipe of them every and now and then can make a big impact on your space feeling cleaner. Find some sock-ful and sock-less ideas below:

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