6 Ways to Design a Home That Constantly Boosts Your Creativity

published Apr 26, 2015
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(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

Want to be rolling around in creative inspiration on the regular at home? You need only put effort into cultivating creativity with your decor choices. Yes, a little thought into how you arrange your home and what you put in it can affect how creative you feel as you live in it — and we’ve got some tips that could help you design a space that boosts your creative levels high.

1. Don’t pick precious furniture

Pick out furniture that can take a beating. That you can dance on. Put coffee cups on without a coaster. That a few splashes of errant paint or modge-podge won’t ruin (but rather enrich). Don’t fill your home with a set of museum-quality furnishings you’ve got to keep under plastic — choose furniture pieces made of materials that get better with age and don’t mind a little wear and tear. This will create a home that encourages experimentation and doesn’t punish accident, creating a cauldron of feel-good vibes that might boost creative thinking.

2. Fill it with color

Though one might argue a monochromatic space is a blank canvas with which to project your creative thoughts and ideas, take a look at the homes and studios of creative artists and designers and you’ll often see one thing in common: a healthy embrace of color. Whichever colors inspire and motivate you should be splashed across your walls, furniture, art and accessories.

3. Display creative tools stylishly and appealingly

What are the tools of your trade (or what are the tools of the trade you wish you practiced)? Don’t tuck them in a drawer. Leave a jar of paint brushes beckoning you on your desk. Incorporate your weaving loom into a tabletop vignette. Stick an easel with a half-finished painting in the corner of your living room. Use creative tools as elements of your decor and you’ll see them and feel inspired to use them more.

4. Make physical activity easy to do

I don’t think anyone would be surprised anymore to hear about the mental benefits of exercise. From helping us feel sane, it also motivates. So keep the yoga mat tucked in a corner for easy access. Stash the kettle bell in a spot that’s out of sight but not out of mind.

5. Make play easy to do, too

Connected to the idea of physical activity is the act of play. Like relaxing, play lets you forget about stress for a minute, and frees your brain cells to get more creative. Whatever might be play for you — hanging out with your kids and their toys, playing some sports, throwing the ball outside for your dog — make it accessible and obvious in your home so you do it more.

6. Display weird stuff with stories

Are you a collector of objects? Don’t be afraid to display them…especially the ones that have the best stories attached to them. Keeping yourself surrounded by your favorite stories and memories of adventure will help spark inspiration to create (or go make more adventures!).