7 Entertaining Party Games You Can Play With Stuff Around the House

published Mar 27, 2017
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Illustrations by Nina Cosford (@ninacosford), Animation by Ali Graham

You don’t need a lot to have a really good time. If you’ve got friends and a few common household items, gather everybody up for one of these rousing party games. Whether your goal is to get everyone talking or just to have a good time, one of these games is sure to get the party going.

Sticker Stalker

Give everyone at the party the same sheet of stickers and tell them the rules: You must get rid of the whole sheet by sticking them to the other guests, one at a time, without them noticing. If someone catches you, they can stick one of their stickers on you. First one to empty their sticker sheet wins! — via Party 411

Who Am I?

Pick one name—a celebrity or public figure, someone really well-known—for each person playing and write that name on a card stuck to the player’s back or forehead. Each person gets to ask the other guests 20 “yes or no” questions to find out who they are. — via Our Pastimes

Telephone Pictionary

Sit in a circle and give everyone a note pad (with plenty of sheets) and a pen. Have everyone write down a funny phrase or notable person (or anything at all, really—you could even pick them from a deck of topics from another game) on the second sheet of their note pad and pass the closed pad to the person on their right. Now everyone picks up the new pad, reads the phrase on page two, and draws it as best they can on page three. Pass the notepads again, only this time, you can only look at the illustration and try to guess the phrase on the next page. Keep passing and drawing or guessing until you have your original pad in front of you. Flip through the pages in front of the group for mega laughs as your phrase gets distorted, telephone-style, through the drawings and guesses. — via Great Group Games

Bottle Blow

Shuffle a deck of cards into a loose and messy stack, then balance the stack carefully on top of a narrow bottle (like a beer bottle). Sit in a circle and let everyone take turns trying to blow just a card or two off the top of the deck. The person who blows the entire deck off the bottle loses! — via Best Party Games

Mail Call

Arrange chairs in a circle, using one fewer chair than the number of players (like musical chairs). Have someone start the game by standing in the center of the circle and saying, “Mail Call for everyone who is wearing red” (or “…has a cat,” or “…has been to Europe,” or “…has kids,” get creative!). Then everyone in a chair who has on red must get up and switch chairs with someone else wearing red, with a few caveats: Players can’t sit back down in their own chair, or the chairs directly next to it. The object of the game is for the person in the middle to get a chair before someone else can. Whoever is left standing delivers the next mail call.— via Let’s Party


Divide guests into two or more teams. Have each team line up in a row, and hand an orange to the person at the start of each line. The object is to pass the orange down to the end of the line using only your neck and chin. If a team drops the orange, pass it back (by hand) to the start and try again. First team to get the orange to the end of their line wins! — via Let’s Party

Likes and Dislikes

Have everyone at the party write down some likes and dislikes on a sheet of paper (something like “Likes: Pizza and Star Wars, Dislikes: Spiders”). Collect the cards and have one person read them aloud one at a time while everyone else tries to guess who wrote what. — via Party 411