This $777K California Cabin Is Straight Out of a Wes Anderson Movie

published May 26, 2019
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Are you there, Wes Anderson? It’s me, a cabin!

Constructed in 1928, this fully-restored single family home on sale for $777,250 is firmly planted among 0.6 acres of pines in all its forested glory.

The warm wooden interiors evoke the simultaneously modern and vintage sets of our favorite Wes Anderson films. Imagine Frances McDormand—my delirious and imaginary screenplay’s stoic, elegant lumberjill—descending the custom banister.

Picture Bill Murray portraying, I don’t know, a grizzled, whimsical woodsman planted at the 1920’s O’Keefe and Merritt range, filling the cabin with the aroma of freshly-baked Fruits of the Forest pie.

Beside the nobly rebuilt granite fireplace, Jason Schwartzman perches doing… whatever he does in all Mr. Anderson’s films. Surely, this is a timberland heaven.

Awaken to the rustling of trees and the scent of Douglas fir (both outdoors and in the cabin’s sturdy, original floors) from one of four bedrooms.

You won’t have to wait to use the restroom as the female ingénue lines her eyes with black kohl, as there are three bathrooms in the house.

Fall asleep beneath a crisply tucked quilt in the home’s built-in bunk beds to the hum of a distinct and deadpan dialogue down the hall.

Lumberjill: One of the neighbors saw a western screech owl last night. 
Woodsman: Who? 
Lumberjill: I said screech.

The paneled walls throughout the cabin guide you back downstairs for maple syrup-soaked flapjacks at a table that seats twelve—plenty of seats for Tilda Swinton, the Wilson brothers, Anjelica Huston, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, and Bob Balaban—all in character, of course—to stop by for a hearty morning meal.

Out on the expansive deck, a canopy of leaves awaits your company.

And nearby in the garage, ample room is yours for storing the mechanics of life’s greatest adventurers—a golf cart, some bicycles, boxes of old French Yé-yé records, rotary telephones, and a film crew.

Look: At this point we all can agree that this is the perfect home, right? For ten years, I’ve lived happily in modern-day Chicago. Yet… here I am, Googling copper kitchen sink maintenance and bird calling. I didn’t start my day thinking I’d end up obsessing over the idea of a vintage Belgian doorbell, but this cabin has one, and now I need one, too. Did you look up from this listing with an inescapable urge for a serious dose of ecotherapy and handcrafted wooden splendor? Hard same. You’ll find all of that and so much more in this stunning cabin, in a setting whose name I can’t believe Wes didn’t generate himself: Lake Arrowhead, California.

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