8 Surprising Uses for Tea Tree Oil at Home

published Aug 18, 2014
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Tea tree oil (or malaleuca if you’re fancy) is widely thought to have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. While many people use it for health & beauty issues, it’s also quite useful around the house. Unlike other household products, it’s also safe and natural.

  1. All-Purpose Cleaner: Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few teaspoons of oil. Shake vigorously and spray to clean and disinfect.
  2. Laundry Freshener: Add a few teaspoons of pure oil to each washer load, or use a few drops to add scent to dryer balls.
  3. Mold Fighter: Mix apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil and scrub mold on kitchen and bath tile.
  4. Insect Repellent: Spray around doorways and windows. The scent will keep insects and bugs away. You can also use it preventatively for lice by adding a few drops to your family’s shampoo.
  5. Breathing Aid: Add a few drops to the water in your humidifier, and help your breathing and asthma while you sleep.
  6. Carpet Cleaner: Mix 10 to 20 drops of oil with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and then sprinkle the mixture on the carpet. Vacuum.
  7. Natural Deodorizer: Use cotton balls soaked in tea tree oil to remove odors and freshen items and spaces. Wipe down sports equipment, air out old suitcases, or get rid of cooking odors.
  8. Toothbrush Cleaner: Put a few drops on your toothbrush every once in awhile to get rid of any lingering bacteria.

Just a few words of precaution. Don’t swallow tea tree oil, and discontinue using it if your skin gets irritated from any contact. Be careful if you use it around your pets; you don’t want your dog or cat licking up the stuff.

What else have you used it for?