Cuddle Up: The Coziest Homes From ’90s Movies

updated May 3, 2019
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We had to wait a few extra weeks this year but finally, the temperatures are dropping and cozy season is officially upon us. Now is the perfect time to drink as much hot cocoa as you’d like, wear all your scarves at once, and immerse yourself in the world of any Diane Keaton character, for her movies have the most cozy interiors of them all.

Here are a few movies featuring cozy homes that are sure to warm you up.

(Image credit: Disney Pictures)

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride (and Father of the Bride II), check all the cozy boxes: Diane Keaton, white picket fence, open-air copper pots and pans hanging above a gigantic kitchen island. Not to mention the home is the site of the title bride’s wedding. This southern California dream home also has a grand staircase, multiple trellises, and the kind of Pottery Barn couches that look like they could give you the best nap of your life.

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Home Alone

A seasonal favorite, the Home Alone house is so iconic it could and should be considered an 8th member of the McCallister family. This is really a home that could only exist in the movies because of the extremely cozy Christmas interior. The McCallisters are so serious about holiday decorating that they’ve altered every aspect of their home to reflect the red and green color scheme. The wallpaper is red, the wall paint is green, and making their second appearance on this list, the open-air pots and pans above the kitchen island are also red.

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Mrs. Doubtfire

The Mrs. Doubtfire house sits on a lovely street corner in San Francisco. It has enviable, cozy bay windows that likely let in the perfect amount of mid-day sun. Although the home is huge, the rich window dressings pull you in and make you feel like you’re living inside a dust ruffle or on a top of a mountain of pillow shams. This home, unsurprisingly, also has items hanging above a kitchen island. But this time it’s a selection of cozy, rustic wicker baskets.

(Image credit: TriStar Pictures)

Sleepless in Seattle

It’s hard to imagine a houseboat being cozy, but the docked home in Sleepless in Seattle is so nice you completely forget about drowning. Take what you know to be true about houseboats and be prepared to have your mind blown: This houseboat has a wood burning stove! It’s the contrast between the stormy, rainy waters outside, and the dry, crackling fire inside that makes this home a top cozy contender.

(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)

Little Women

Another holiday entry, this quintessential, 17th-century, New England home is cozy not just for the interior decor, but for the sisterhood that grows between its walls. The March sisters, their mom, and trusty piano create a festive atmosphere on a limited budget. With just a few candles and ample garland, they transform the drafty Orchard House into a welcoming stopover on a snowy eve.

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