A Tiny, 375-Square-Foot Apartment Masters Minimalism

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Name: Annie
Location: Santa Monica, California (near the Santa Monica Pier)
Size: 375 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years, renting

I live alone in my cute bright 375 square foot apartment, nine blocks from the beach in Santa Monica. The apartment is in a private 10-unit building lined with gigantic succulents and I’m up a private set of stairs in the very back that sits over a garage—so no shared walls or floors! There are multiple windows in each room, which I LOVE for light and air flow, and the windows in my kitchen get the cool beach breeze blowing directly through my apartment in the evenings.

My very favorite part of living here is: I rarely drive! In LA! On a typical day, I can get to the grocery store, gym, post office, happy hour with a friend, and see the sunset all on foot. I walk at least a few miles every day and it is typical to hit 20,000 steps on the weekends here.

What is your favorite room and why? My kitchen. I converted the washer/dryer corner of my long narrow kitchen into an office, complete with its own window and a giant chalkboard wall. I work from home and it was important to have my own separate-from-living-space office to use and then put away for the day. I also love to cook in the evenings. (Or more honestly, I love to eat in the evenings…) I live behind a comic book store that’s always hosting competitions at night and next to a few restaurants/bars so you when all the windows are open, the wind will faintly carry the evening chatter/laughter in.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? Nothing! My focus is actually on letting things go from my place / giving things away, rather than adding to it. I keep a large basket by the door and try to place things in it daily that I no longer love or use. Once the basket is full, I donate it and distribute to friends I know would use it. Free stuff for everyone!

Any advice for creating a home you love? Fill it with only your favorite things! Keep it simple.

“Decorate” the space and walls with things you love rather than purchasing random-to-you decor to fill it up. Make it your own and not what you think it’s supposed to look like. Your home is LIVING space, not storage space, so eliminate all the stuff that keeps you from enjoying and being comfortable at home. Really curate a space you love!

Thanks, Annie!

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