How a Musical Couple Fits a Minimal Wardrobe in a Cozy Rental

updated Feb 19, 2019
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(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

It’s no secret Katy Goodman and Todd Wisenbaker of the band La Sera have style. Just like their guitar-filled Silver Lake home, their fashion choices are fueled by carefree living and an insatiable love of music. They share one small bedroom closet and a modest-sized dresser, and while neither storage device is bursting at the seams, the couple’s daily fashion choices are anything but lackluster. Read on to hear what the two had to say about their individual styles and get some tips on how you, too, can build your perfect minimal closet.

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(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

When I visited Katy and Todd to shoot their apartment tour, I happened to notice how well they fit into their home design. Lucky for me (and you), they let me snap some photos of a few of their favorite outfits and pick their brains about fashion. As is the case with most things in life, the secret to their impeccable style seemed to be authenticity. Their daily wears are carefully chosen based on designs that speak to them, personal fit, and functionality based on individual lifestyles (i.e. occasional rolling around on the ground). With these aspects dialed in, trimming the fat from your wardrobe can be as easy as streamlining your decor by replacing all non-functional items with guitars.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Todd’s love for bygone eras and stellar musicians dictates his usual wardrobe of a vintage top and jeans. Katy’s usual daily uniform consists solely of three rotating super-soft t-shirts and her perfect-fit Madewell black jeans. Sprinkle in a few fun and functional pieces for performing, and you’ve got Katy and Todd’s perfect personalized wardrobe.

Getting dressed everyday can be a breeze — if you’re looking to streamline your wardrobe, try to only own items you truly love wearing that make you feel like you.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

See how this creative couple used their style to decorate their cozy California rental → Katy & Todd’s Musical Mash-Up

Apartment Therapy Style Survey:

Your very favorite outfit:

Todd: Jeans and a striped t shirt
Katy: Jeans and a t shirt! Always!

The #1 item from your fashion wish list:

Todd: I could never have enough Bob Dylan shirts
Katy: A really nice vintage leather motorcycle jacket

The TV or movie characters’ wardrobe(s) you’d steal in a minute:

Todd: Probably something with James Dean in it
Katy: Pris from Blade Runner

Your best bargain find ever:

Todd: Vintage Persol McQueens sunglasses for $40
Katy: Oh I’m terrible at thrift shopping…

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

3 things from your closet you couldn’t live without:

Todd: A blue french workers jacket, blue jeans, Bob Dylan sweatshirt
Katy: Rompers. I now play all my shows in Rompers cause they are cute and I can still roll around on the ground.

The item you no longer have but wish you did:

Todd: Brown vintage flannel that I wore every day for 7 years that finally disintegrated
Katy: I used to have a pink hoodie that I sewed a Minor Threat patch on, I lost it a few years ago. I’m still sad.

Most fashionable friend and why:

Todd: Chris Change, negnance on instagram. He makes great homemade sweatshirts and isn’t afraid to rock crocs.
Katy: Zoe Zag, zcrytuff on instagram. I love all her outfits so much.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Your typical work “uniform”:

Todd: Blue jeans, t shirt, sometimes a Hawaiian shirt
Katy: Black jeans, soft v neck shirt, white converse.

Best fashion advice:

Todd: Don’t be scared
Katy: Fit is the most important part! Don’t ignore how it fits!

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)


Real life shop:

Todd: Please and Thank You Store at the melrose/rose bowl flea market, Self Edge, Mister Freedom
Katy: Madewell

Online shop:

Katy: Asos

Makeup brand:

Katy: I like that Stila eyeliner stuff!

Haircare brand:

Katy: I just got this new stuff, Oi shampoo, it smells great!

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Best jeans:

Todd: 3 sixteen, Mister Freedom
Katy: Madewell

Coolest sneakers:

Todd: Vans Authentic in blue
Katy: All white converse

Signature scent:

Katy: Tunisian Jasmine rollerball by Kuumba at Whole Foods

Go­to source for style inspiration:

Todd: Flea Market
Katy: Pinterest!

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)
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Striped shirt and black pants by Madewell; Todd’s vintage Hawaiian shirt was his mom’s (Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

See how this creative couple used their style to decorate their cozy California rental → Katy & Todd’s Musical Mash-Up

Thanks, Katy and Todd!

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