Golden Oldie: A Room-By-Room Breakdown Of A Quintessentially ’80s TV Home

updated May 3, 2019
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Picture it: Miami Beach in the late 1980s. Four roommates find themselves navigating love, family and aging as independent women. With their contrasting personalities and backgrounds, these mismatched ladies come together to create a vibrant, comfortable and collected home, blending their individual styles.

With rattan furniture, bold floral motifs, along with gilt and porcelain accents, the set of “The Golden Girls” certainly has a look of its own. The feisty foursome’s Florida bungalow showcases an eclectic mix of ’70s boho, mid-century and Hollywood regency furnishings.

If you’re looking to live like a modern-day “golden girl,” or just curious what Blanche Devereaux’s room would look like today, we’ve had a little fun and recreated the same stylish vibe that flirty Blanche, naive Rose, sassy Dorothy, and witty Sophia exude on the classic TV sitcom. Frankly, we think if the girls saw this article, we’d get a card in the mail that said “Thank you for being a friend.” You’re welcome, ladies.

The Living Room

The living room of this Miami Beach home was such a prominent staple in the show that it could be considered for best supporting role. Rattan furniture and Asian-inspired decor shine bright in The Golden Girls’ airy and bright living room, which is where the ladies receive an array of eligible silver foxes (think a young George Clooney, Dick Van Dyke, and Leslie Nielsen). The ladies can be found playing rummy, performing tap dances, and singing along to piano duets in their chic and casual living room. What a life they live, those four!

The Kitchen

This room is the The Golden Girls’ main hub, where the ladies solve life’s dilemmas and reminisce on memories past while eating cheesecake into the wee hours of the morning. An eclectic mix of decor from Chippendale dining chairs to a mid-century still life, along with decorative accents like frilly curtains and copper molds give their kitchen a lived-in look with plenty of personality.

The Posh Lanai

The ladies can be found fanning themselves and enjoying a cool beverage on their patio. Iron-framed lounges and tons of terra cotta give this outdoor haven the feeling of a secluded tropical garden with lush plantings like bougainvillea and birds of paradise.

Blanche’s Boudoir

The bedroom of our favorite southern belle is the butt of many jokes, as Blanche spends quite a bit of her time with male suiters in her room. Palm frond wall decals and bedding give Blanche’s bedroom a contemporary Dorothy Draper look, while pink carpeting and doors add a romantic (and totally ’80s) touch. When Blanche isn’t in bed ::cough cough::, you can find her primping at her vanity.

Dorothy’s Stately Bedroom

School teacher Dorothy is sophisticated and saucy, and much like her personality her room exhibits an elegant vibe decked out in worldly decor and filled with smart books. Ornate wallpaper is expertly paired with rattan furniture, showing Dorothy’s many layers as a modern-day lady.

Rose’s Romantic Room

Retro cloud wallpaper (a nod to Rose’s head in the clouds) is a dreamy backdrop for her bedroom (that we kind of wish we had today), which reflects her sweet personality with pink, ruffles and chintz. Through her refined and romantic decor, Rose proves she is more than just a simple Midwestern gal.

Sophia’s Granny Chic Bedroom

Sophia’s soothing blue room appropriately screams “granny chic” with her dainty floral wallpaper and old-school fleece bedding piped in satin trim. Despite her old age, witty and with-it Sophia eschews rocking chairs and crochet for gilt accents and rich mahogany.