These Are The Airlines and Airports That Lost the Most Luggage

published Nov 11, 2022
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According to a study, about 55 percent of American passengers have had their luggage lost. And you could be part of this statistic too (if you’re not already), depending on which airlines and airports you choose.

Price4Limo, a limo booking service, has published a survey revealing the airlines and airports that have lost customers’ luggage the most. The worst offenders? For regional and national airlines, it’s Republic and American, respectively, while for airports, it’s Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

“When it comes to lost luggage, regional airline Republic Airways had the worst track record, losing nearly 1 percent bags. But nationally, American Airlines lost the most luggage, almost the same amount as Republic,” the study said.

It added: “Southwest lost the least luggage of the four major national airlines, only 0.38 percent of bags.”

But airlines aren’t the only ones to blame. Airports have also misplaced their customers’ luggage, with the top three culprits being Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport, and San Diego International Airport.

Unfortunately, there are other service mishaps, too. The data found that 60 percent of those surveyed have experienced damaged bags, while only 34 percent of passengers were able to retrieve their missing luggage. In addition, 72 percent said that, after their bag got mishandled, they lost an irreplaceable item.

As a result, 78 percent of people get nervous about checking bags.

“Regardless of where you travel, lost luggage can be a nightmare come true. Unfortunately, the odds are that if it hasn’t happened to you already, it’ll likely happen at some point,” Price4Limo advised. “Your best bet is to pack as many essentials in your carry-on as possible and leave any irreplaceable items at home if you can’t carry them with you.”