This Mattress Changed the Way I Think About Firm Mattresses (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

updated Nov 19, 2021
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Growing up, I never really gave much thought to mattresses, but I always assumed that soft and squishy was best. That line of thinking followed me to adulthood, when I got my first apartment and had to buy a mattress. I exclusively researched memory foam options, because of course those were superior to traditional spring models, and I avoided anything labeled as “firm”. Oh, how times have changed. I quickly realized that memory foam mattresses make me heat up like I’m waiting on a subway platform in the middle of summer (NOT a feeling I want to experience in my bed), and also that they make me wake up sore.

Naturally, I blamed everything but the mattress at first, investing in airy linen sheets and stretching before bed. It wasn’t until I got a hybrid mattress that I fully realized my mattress was at fault—not only was I never waking up sweaty, but I even felt way more comfortable with some support. Flash forward to March 2020, when COVID-19 made New York City issue a shelter in place requirement. I temporarily moved back in with my parents in the suburbs before the city shut down, leaving my beloved hybrid mattress behind and returning to memory foam. I was back to tossing and turning and waking up feeling like I had gotten punched repeatedly in the back. So when I got the opportunity to try out the Airweave mattress, I gladly jumped on the chance.

A little context: Airweave is a Japanese brand that created a seriously unique mattress. Instead of building it with springs or foam, Airweave uses the same resin fiber used in fishing lines—the result is Airfiber, which has an interwoven design that allows for optimal airflow and weight distribution. It also makes for a firm mattress that’s seriously good for reducing pressure and pain, as it maintains spinal alignment and supports every angle. Not only that, but it’s actually washable. The outer cover can be thrown in the washer, while the Airfiber core can be rinsed with water and mild detergent.

It’s truly unlike any other mattress out there, from the construction to the setup. I got a King, and it arrived in two boxes with three separate Airfiber blocks. My parents helped me set it up, and we were definitely skeptical due to how strange the setup was. First, you place the unzipped outer cover on the bed, followed by the inner sheet. Next, you lay the blocks side by side on top, then zip up the inner sheet over the blocks to keep them in place. The optional soft layer goes next (which I recommend unless you really don’t like any softness on your bed). Finally, you zip up the outer cover over everything, and you’re good to go! Unlike other mattresses, there’s zero off-gassing and no inflation period, so you can lie on your new mattress ASAP.

So how am I liking it? It’s much firmer than any mattress I’ve ever slept on, but once you get used to it it’s kind of amazing. I’ve never woken up sore or felt too hot, and it just feels good to sleep on. The other thing I love about it is that it sits low to the ground, and isn’t super high up like other mattresses. It perfectly suits a minimalist lifestyle, as there’s no extra filler and you can replace parts over time rather than the entire mattress. And if you find that it’s too firm or too low to the ground, you can always use a mattress topper or box spring.

It’s not as cheap as the best budget mattress brands, but it’s also way less expensive than luxury brands—and right now, it’s $100 off for Black Friday. There’s also free shipping all the time, plus a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty.