Is Aldi (Yes, the Budget Grocer) The Next Decor Haven?

published Sep 29, 2017
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(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

When I moved to a small town and first encountered an Aldi, I did not understand it. There was, like, one employee working? And you had to pay a quarter for a cart (you get back the quarter, but still, good to know beforehand in case you don’t normally have change on you)? After a couple more visits, however, I was in love, and Aldi is now my favorite grocery store. It’s chock-full of incredibly low-priced food, wine and beyond, and the selection changes constantly. The home goods section (if you could call it that) is pretty unmemorable, however. A hose here, a seasonal wreath there, nothing to write home about. That is, until I stumbled onto Aldi’s Australia website and saw their home goods selection. It’s so much better than ours! Like, absurdly better! See for yourself…

The Commercials Are Amazing

To properly get into the mood, you’ll want to start by watching all of the Australian Aldi commercials, including this one featuring an aging man saying “tomahto and baaazil,” one that demonstrates why the store-wide lack of artificial colors is essential to public safety, the most terrifying Christmas commercial ever, and my favorite, above, in which a man named Dave declares Aldi’s pies, “Not bad.” Feel like you’re officially Down Under? Excellent, let’s start getting jealous!

(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

Australia Knows Warm-Weather Goods

Here are a few summery offerings currently on sale (clockwise from top left):

  1. Wicker Egg Chair, $156.25USD
  2. Melamine Tray, $6.28USD
  3. Water-Repellent Cushion (available in 4 colors), $10.20USD
  4. Glazed Ceramic Citronella Candle, $7.06USD
(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

Kitchen Cuteness!

Peruse the most recent catalogue via Australia Online Catalogues for this and so much more. Is that island/cart really just $15.70 USD? How can that be?!?

(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

Minimal Beach Modernism

Here are some lovely pieces from a recent catalogue; I especially love the combination of pale wood, gray and light blue. That towel holder is #bathroomgoals, don’t you think?

(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

Pretty in Pink

Here’s the same chair as seen in the above blue bedroom scene, this time fitting perfectly into a cream and pink palette. $78.52 USD isn’t dirt cheap for a coverlet set, but it’s certainly not bad.

(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

Cozy & Clean

The fringed pouf off the right in the above image is a nice counterpart to the clean lines of the bed and pendant, while the various textures of the bedding play together perfectly.

ALDI Australia Has SERIOUS Fans on Instagram

There are a ton of amazing pieces tagged with #aldiau, #aldiaus, and #aldiaustralia, and @aldiloversau is an account entirely devoted to the best of Aldi decor, such as this butterfly chair, or that great gray chair from the catalogue in the wild.

The Accessories Are Killer, Too

Just look at this beauty that @halseykay92 scored! This kettle has so much personality and is made of cast iron—above and beyond what I would expect from a budget supermarket kettle.

There Are Shoes, Too, Apparently

As if that all wasn’t enough, apparently Aldi Australia sells cool boots? For approximately $47 USD?!? So if you’re on your way to a dinner party, you can pop by Aldi for cheap fancy crackers, cheap Prosecco, and a pair of cute boots to complete your outfit? What a magical place.

(Image credit: Aldi Australia)

And Underthings?!?

HOLD THE PHONE. You can buy bras at Aldi in Australia? Are there dressing rooms? If you have ever purchased, owned, or worn an Aldi bra, please tell us all about it.

The Only Thing Aldi Australia Doesn’t Have Is An Instagram Presence

Finally, we really need Aldi Australia to get going on Instagram so we can truly see what we’re missing. While not verified, @aldiaustralia has 11.9k followers, all of them just champing at the bit for that hot Aldi content. So far, however, zero posts. We need pics ASAP—and we’ll take some of these fabulous items at our Aldis, too, please!

We reached out to Aldi US to ask whether any of these home goodies would make their way to America, but we haven’t heard back, unfortunately. Know that if we do hear anything, you’ll be the first to know!

Aussie readers — tell us, do you shop Aldi for home goods?