These 7 All-Natural Cleaning Supplies Under $25 Can Tackle Every Mess 

published Jul 25, 2023
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The smell of Pine-Sol and the glimmering neon blue of Windex are nostalgic for many of us. As someone who was basically born with a vacuum cleaner in hand, I had an early penchant for spending my Saturday mornings wiping down my mirrors with sparkling glass cleaner and watching the satisfying spray of Pledge turn my dresser a bubbly white before sweeping all the dirt away with one lemony stroke.

But those products, although effective, aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. By making a few changes, I’m embracing a more sustainable lifestyle that still produces that satisfyingly squeaky clean. As part of this switch, I spoke to Lauren Wroblewski, a senior scientist at Seventh Generation.

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“Conventional products typically contain non-biodegradable ingredients,” she says. “Once the products wash down the drain and enter our waterways, they leave behind tiny amounts of material that can’t be broken down by earth’s natural processes.” Plus, many products come from petroleum-based sources, which rely on fossil fuels. All-natural products typically minimize the reliance on petroleum-based sources.

You also have to watch for VOCs, which can be found in cleaning products, paints, and more. Wroblewski says, “VOCs are indoor air pollutants and can cause long-term health effects like asthma and chronic headaches.” She notes that even though an individual product may contain trace amounts of VOCs, the compounding of multiple products throughout the day increases your risk of exposure.  

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Ryan Lupberger, founder of Cleancult, agrees. He says that it’s not just what’s in your cleaning products, but what remains after you’re done. “Cleaning products represent some of the biggest waste items in your household,” he says. “A family of four throws out 44 pounds of plastic per year, just from cleaning products alone.” Companies like Cleancult and Grove Collaborative are creating innovative ways to use low-waste refill systems and biodegradable cleaning formulas to keep plastics out of landfills.

Not sure where to start on your journey towards all-natural cleaning supplies? These seven options can cover everything from washing dishes and doing laundry, to wiping up spills and achieving the streak-free glass of cleaning commercial dreams. 

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With a fresh, light scent derived completely from essential oils, Method's french lavender all-purpose cleaner is your go-to everyday cleanser for the kitchen and everywhere else you’ll encounter spills and messes. It cuts through your spilled pasta sauce on counters, beauty product messes in the bathroom, and coffee rings on tables. It’s powerful, but doesn't use harsh chemicals. You’ll want to keep this on hand for daily use.

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Nothing says "clean" like the smell of a crisp lemon, and Seventh Generation's lemon and chamomile dish soap delivers that without the use of artificial fragrances. Everything this company creates is scented with essential oils and botanical ingredients. “The dish liquid is effective on dirty messes, but gentle enough to use on delicate items like my pet’s bowls. I love the scent of the lemon chamomile, and that it doesn’t take a lot of water to rinse off,” says Wroblewski.

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Cleaning up cat vomit is routine for pet owners. Dog-lovers know that house training comes with its fair share of accidents. Kids spill, well, everything, and adults are known for their fair share of red wine drops, too. Thankfully, Puracy's carpet and upholstery cleaner is a natural favorite with detergents and deodorizers that work hard on stains. It can be used by hand or with a carpet cleaner, and it’s free of sulfates, phosphates, chlorine, bleach, dyes, and other harsh chemicals.

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A cult classic cleaner, Dr. Bronner’s pure-castile liquid soap might be the only one on this list that can literally be used everywhere. In its peppermint scent, it’s a favorite of those who love an invigorating morning shower. It boasts a label that’s started memes with its record-breaking amount of copy. And it’s been in production since 1948.

You can use it for washing your hair and body, doing laundry, mopping, washing dishes, all-purpose cleaning, and giving your pet a bath. Plus, It’s biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free, and over 70 percent of its ingredients are certified fair-trade.

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You can take Cleancult's stain stick with you on the go, but it also works as a spot treatment on laundry day. You just rub it in and let it sit for a few minutes as its biodegradable, coconut-based cleaning technology gets to work. This one stick can tackle wine, coffee, grease, fruit juices, sauce, and makeup. Bonus: It has no plastic packaging.

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

I had to sneak my current favorite in here. Mrs. Meyer’s is one of my favorite brands for its retro packaging and catchy typography, as well as the amazing scents. The room fresheners are a lovely touch after I finish vacuuming in the morning (wait … is daily vacuuming just a cat person thing?). The garden-inspired scents are also great for the warmer months, too.

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Grove Collaborative

The reusable bottles from Grove Collaborative are a clean favorite, and this glass cleaner concentrate set is an all-natural way to leave your windows and mirrors streak-free. You can opt for a scent-free option, or choose from 100 percent natural fragrances like lemon and eucalyptus. In addition to the glass packaging, this concentrate is biodegradable and made with 95 percent plant-based ingredients.