I DIY’d This Unique Feature from Amanda Seyfried’s NYC Apartment for Just $24

published Aug 15, 2023
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Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com

Recently I watched Amanda Seyfried’s Architectural Digest “Open Door” episode, where she showed her chic-yet-casual New York City apartment. During the bedroom portion of her tour, I saw something that made me literally jump up from my couch and pause the TV to get a closer look.

There, by her bedside, I spied a pair of black wall sconces seemingly “clasped” in place by articulating hands. Arguably the focal points of the whole room, they looked impossibly cool, macabre, and unique all at the same time. Sadly, Seyfried specifically said she thinks they’re one-of-a-kind and couldn’t remember where she found them. I did some reverse Google image searching to track down this hand decor (or a lookalike version), but my detective skills hit a dead end. Luckily, I found a crafty alternative instead.

I decided to DIY my own version of Seyfried’s bedroom design element, using a pair of 12-inch art model hands that I bought for just $24. You can also find these at just about any local craft or art store, or via Amazon in a few different sizes. I wanted mine to be used as curtain tie backs — rather than incorporated into lighting fixtures — so I opted for the largest version to fit the scale of my living room window. 

Credit: Kelsey Glennon

After getting the mannequin hands in the mail, I had to figure out how to mount them. My 1950s plaster Florida bungalow walls are heavily textured, so I needed something that could support at least eight to 10 pounds for holding back my linen curtains. I also didn’t want to drill holes in the wall (even though I’m not a renter) so I ultimately opted for industrial-strength peel-and-stick Velcro. Depending on the weight you want the hands to support and the wall you’re mounting to, you could also try heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape

Credit: Kelsey Glennon

Eventually, I might make this feature permanent using construction adhesive or even attach the hands to a small square piece of wood (similar to Seyfried’s) for a sleeker wall-mounted look. For now, though, I love the renter-friendly style. Plus, it’s somewhat customizable — arrange the fingers in different placements or even paint the hands altogether. This hand DIY is not limited to just curtain ties or wall sconces, either. In fact, one of Seyfried’s doubles as an eye mask holder, so get creative!

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