This Game-Changing Canopy Chair Is the Summer Accessory I Officially Can’t Live Without

published Jun 8, 2021
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Credit: Ruggable

As an East Coast native, I’m accustomed to short-lived summers. During those rare heat waves where temperatures skyrocket into the 90s, I try to take advantage of being outdoors as much as I can by venturing off to the beach or park. The sun can be unbearable on those days, and it isn’t long before I retreat indoors looking for shade and ample AC. Right before a recent beach trip, I stopped by my parents’ house to borrow a beach chair (because we’re never too old to swipe a few things from mom and dad’s basement). My mom offered to lend me a canopy chair she’d ordered from Amazon: the Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair. It ended up becoming the chair I use for absolutely any and every outdoor occasion. My only regret is not discovering it sooner.

Unlike other beach chairs I’ve used in the past (and hated), the Quik Shade canopy chair helps beat the heat with its own built-in umbrella that protects me from the sun. If I’m trying to catch a tan or a little extra vitamin D, the umbrella can be folded down so I can get the full summer experience. The umbrella can also be adjusted, so if the sun is beaming really strong to the left or right of me, a quick tilt of the umbrella will give me extra coverage. The umbrella is held in place by a few easy-to-lock tension rods, which ensures it won’t go flying off into a neighboring beachgoer’s picnic on a windy day.

If you let out a deep sigh at the thought of lugging one more bulky thing to the beach, don’t worry. This chair is super lightweight and comes with a convenient carrying case that can be thrown over your shoulder. It also folds in and out of the case seamlessly. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate an intuitive folding beach chair that I don’t have to fight with in order to set up. I must also note that this chair folds up vertically, making it perfect to stash away in a closet, under a bed, or behind a door for safekeeping.

The chair comes with two convenient mesh drink holders in each of the armrests, and the small pouch on the side of the seat is perfect for storing snacks, cell phones, and any other loose items. Amazon shoppers who also own this chair seem to love it as much as I do. “We are the envy at all the soccer games on those hot sunny days,” wrote one owner of the Quik Shade chair in a review. “We no longer need to hold a giant umbrella and fight the wind.” One reviewer came back with a one year update, noting that the chair’s quality has held up after 365 days of wear. “I am not the most gentle person with this and throw it in the back of my van, often not even in the bag,” the reviewer confessed. “The quality is fantastic. I have no fears that the frame or pieces are going to break. I would definitely buy another.”

Maybe you’re looking for a comfortable chair that’s easier to carry en route to your summer excursions. Or maybe you’ve been thinking of creative ways to end up a little less sunburned. Either way, this chair deserves to be in your Amazon cart before you venture into the great outdoors.