This $3 Amazon Item Makes My TV Remote So Much Easier to Find

published Jan 20, 2021
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Amazon is full of things you never knew you needed — that is, until you order something and then can’t figure out how you ever lived without it. The latest game-changing, problem-solving Prime discovery I’ve made? None other than colorful, soft silicone cases for my Apple TV remotes. They seem a little ridiculous on first glance, but hear me out.

Sure, I didn’t need the two-pack of bright red and orange cases complete with handle straps at their ends for hanging. If you’re constantly misplacing your smart TV remotes though like yours truly, however, then they might be worth the $6 investment. The covers I selected come in darker colors, including blues and greens, but I opted for bright red and neon orange. I’m happy to report that losing the remote in my couch cushions is no longer a daily occurrence for me. 

Credit: Amazon

Also if, like me, you hate the sight of smudges and fingerprints on the backside of the Apple TV remote, these cases will spare you from constant cleaning (though you should still probably wipe them down fairly frequently, since remotes tend to be a germy spots in general). They also will protect your remotes from dust and scratches, but you don’t have to worry about a sacrificing function, since all ports and buttons are still accessible. I’d be lying if I said I had never dropped my remotes before, and the grippy silicone material pretty much eliminates that, too. I’ve also read they make gaming a little easier, when you’re using the remote like a console controller as seen above.

I have a projector in my bedroom, and the silicon case’s handle strap has come especially in handy here. It lets me hang the remote off of the small shelf that I set my projector on (which is also from Amazon). Once again, misplacing the remote isn’t really an option anymore.

Could I live without these cases? Sure. I’m a sucker for a pop of color though, and for $3 each, they’ve honestly been well worth the money. Just make sure you order the right size for your generation and brand of remote.