The $20 Little Luxury I’ve Gifted Everyone in My Life — Including Myself

published Dec 7, 2023
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LANDNEOO 4pcs Set Vintage Coffee Mugs on colored background

Of all the traits I inherited from my mom and dad, one of the best qualities is my gift-giving love language. And one of my worst genetic qualities? Also my gift-giving love language. I’m truly thrilled by the prospect of discovering a gift that’s perfect for a loved one and infamously can barely sustain the surprise. But proclivity for gift-giving has a downside: the cost. 

Because seemingly constant gift-giving can wreak havoc on a basic budget, I’ve worked hard to achieve the delicate balance between thoughtfulness and functionality. The result? I give recipients elevated versions of everyday products or objects. From high-end hand soaps and lotions to colorful writing utensils, gifts that help someone romanticize their life are a simple treasure. And one tried-and-true kitchen treat I love to give friends is this vintage-inspired coffee cup set from Amazon

After seeing the set in a handful of TikToks, I added it to my bank of “saved for later” items … where it sat neglected for months. Later on, when I was struggling to add breakfast to my daily routine (what can I say, I’m just not hungry before noon!) I figured romanticizing my morning might motivate me. Waking up to overnight oats chilled in their beautiful container and sleek gold spoon was a gosh dang delight. This, my friends, is the power of an uncomplicated gift.

With a price point under $20 and Prime shipping availability, budgeting for this gift is painless — no matter the recipient’s destination. When dropping off prepared meals for new parents, send handheld snacks in the mugs. Package the set with honey and tea bags as a housewarming gift. The cozy-yet-durable set also makes a thoughtful college-going gift for the student who deserves the pleasures of home but also requires versatility. Heck, you can even break up the set and use individual glasses with assorted goodies as teacher gifts or party favors. 

On my never-ending quest to romanticize my snack breaks, I’ve uncovered a variety of uses for the set in my own home. In addition to being sophisticated vessels for overnight oats, the mugs are flawless cups for iced coffee (swirling ice cubes and cream with the gold spoon is an ASMR trigger!), teas (a slice of lemon fits perfectly!), or cookies or berries. They also double as serving dishes for dips and mixed nuts when hosting guests. If you’re a crafty person, repurposing the cups to make homemade candles would be a wonderful holiday activity or gift for loved ones too!

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but life can be incredibly challenging and complicated! So when an affordable and practical little indulgence presents itself, there’s no harm in leaning in. Whether you’re helping a friend romanticize their life or giving yourself permission to be the main character, a little treat goes a long way. 

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