Brits Find These American Home Items Odd, According to TikTok

published Jul 5, 2023
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Americans and Brits may speak the same language, but we still have plenty of cultural differences — and that also applies to our homes.

Just ask TikToker Melissa Herrera (@melissaherrera.444), a Brit who currently lives in the U.S. Herrera recently shared a viral video explaining the key differences between typical homes in both countries.

First off, she called attention to her house’s roomy outdoor front porch, which was decorated with two chairs.

“We haven’t really got porches like this in England,” Herrera noted.

Other home features that she’s never seen across the pond? Garbage disposals, “mammoth-sized” fridges and pantries, TVs in outdoor areas, and Keurig coffee machines.

Herrera also showed off living room seating areas in both the basement and main floor of her house.

“Make it make sense … two lounges,” she said. “We don’t ever sit in the one downstairs.”

Another small but key difference is the size of many American bedrooms and bathrooms. 

“What bathroom in England do you know that could have a tub and a shower?” Herrera asked as she showed viewers her master bathroom. Panning to the master closet, she added: “This is the size of a bedroom in England.”

According to The Guardian, British houses are among the smallest in Europe because local builders see larger profits as a result of doing so, and Britain is the only EU country to not have minimum-space standards for homes.

Plenty of British viewers soon took to Herrera’s comments to share their own takes on living in each country.

“I’d like to have an American house in the U.K.,” one TikToker commented.

Plenty of British commenters were also amused by the outdoor TV that Herrera showed off in her video.

“TV outside would get nicked in England,” one TikToker wrote, while another added: “A TV outside? Imagine that in England. It would be wet with a spider living in it within a week.”