Amy Sedaris’ Apartment Is Just as Quirky as She Is

published Jan 17, 2019
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(Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)

If you love Amy Sedaris’ quirky, madcap style of humor, then you’ll really love her West Village apartment. New York magazine recently recently published a video tour from Wendy Goodman of the space, which Amy shares with her rabbit, Tina. Commenting on YouTube, user VillageKevTalks described it thus: “it’s like if Barbie, a cat lady, and Wes Anderson shared a home together.” It is! And it’s every bit as delightful as that sounds.

It’s hard to say what’s the best part of this video: Amy’s apartment, or Amy’s presence in it. Remember when you were little and you’d go to a friend’s house and they were so excited to show you their toys, because showing other people your stuff is fun? This video is like that. There’s a craft room, garlands of flowers made from coffee filters, a fake glass of wine, and pink paper towels (which Amy’s brother David brings her from London.). What at first glance appear to be tassels covering a lampshade are actually hair samples from a wig shop. “Sometimes when it gets frizzy, when’s there’s humidity in the air… I steam it.”

Among other things, Amy offers her thoughts on color-coordinated books, which I’m sure will strike a deep cord with certain members of the Apartment Therapy community. (We read your comments! And one thing I’ve learned from reading your comments is that some of you really, really hate books organized by color.) Amy’s colorblocked shelves are a great aesthetic fit with the rest of her apartment, but, she says, “the negative thing about having color-coordinated books is, you can’t find your books anymore. so I have to go online and look up the book up to be like, ohh, it had a yellow spine.”

(For the record, sometimes the only thing I can remember about a book is the color of its spine. Like, I really loved that book! It was about a woman! And it was green! But your mileage may vary. )

Another drawback of organizing books by color, according to Amy: “It’s hard to get rid of books, because you’re like, aw, I really need that pink book, because I need that pink row up there, so I really can’t get rid of it even though I’m never gonna read that book again.”

You can hear lots of Amy’s other thoughts about decorating (and see her bunny! And Todd Oldham!) in the video above. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.