An Eclectic and Cozy Apartment

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Lisa and Lauren share this apartment in a building built around the turn of the last century. (Image credit: Submitted by LIsa )

Name: Lisa
Location: Graz, Austria

We’ve lived in this apartment for two we love everything about it. The house was built around 1910, so there’s a lot of history in it. We have very high walls, folding doors and wooden floors, which makes the rooms bright and spacious, yet it’s really cozy. The apartment is rented and about 74 square meters/ 796 square feet with a nice balcony. We are located in the heart of our little city and can reach everything within minutes by walking or riding our bicycles. We first moved to Graz because of college and jobs, but now it really feels like home and all our friends live close by.

Laurin and I love nature, simplicity and all the influences our beautiful planet has to offer. We are always inspired by international influences. I would describe our living style as earthy, bohemian and eclectic. When it comes to our interior, the most important thing to me is that every single piece has a soul, a history and reason for being there. Lots of our stuff is gathered here and there, found on our travels or bought at flea markets. Also my mother had beautiful treasures she gave to us, most of the pieces are very old and used and that’s the reason why we love them. Only some of the furniture is new, but always made out of wood -our top priority is natural materials in everything, we don’t have any plastic inside. Also some of the textiles and kitchenware is handmade, because I’m always up for learning something new.

For us every detail tells a story and and that’s why we feel so comfortable inside our home. We try to stay grounded with neutral tones, but sometimes I can’t resist color pops here and there – for me a little breakout from clear lines is very important, otherwise it wouldn’t be a real and cozy home.

Thanks, Lisa!

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