Answer One Simple Question and Identify Your Style Profile

published Oct 13, 2015
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Today’s topic: Get to know, and put a name to, your own personal decorating style.
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By now you’ve gone out into the world and gained a fresh look. The next step to creating a room you’re happy with is to identify what types of things you love, and and which style(s) speak to you most. Like a horoscope, you can take this with a grain of salt — it’s simply a way to start thinking in general terms and there are ABSOLUTELY NO WRONG ANSWERS here. Hopefully you will have a gut, visceral reaction what you see, and it will jumpstart the process as you confidently identify and select colors, textures, patterns and items for your “new” room.

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Step #1: Find Your Style

Okay, here it is. It’s as simple as asking yourself which of these selections you like best. Don’t worry if there’s one element that you don’t like, or if you like a particular sofa, but not the color — it’s the overall look you want to think about. When you’ve made your choice, click through to see what style you are.

Step #2: Interpret Your Results

Yay. You’ve answered the question. Do you feel transformed? Validated? I’m kidding. It’s just a style profile.

But seriously, was your “assigned” style in line with how you envision your ideal living space? If so, great. You have a good sense of what you like, and how the outside world uses similar terminology to describe your sensibility.

Or, were you surprised by the style you were attracted to most? If so, don’t worry about it! These “styles” are just shorthand for general looks and it’s totally possibility that you are more than one. In fact, that’s a good thing. You don’t want you final room to look like the set of Mad Men. So, instead of focusing on the names of each style, read each description again instead, and pick out certain elements that stick out as most important to you. Is it a casual room? Colorful? Lots going on, or is it pretty calm? Above all else, use these terms as takeaways during the process. As you move forward, hoard those core thoughts and refer to them again and again as you shop for furniture and choose decor for your space.

Next Lesson: You’ll eyeball a bunch of things and figure out if it’s really stuff you can use.

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