Shop Bright, Bold Bedding with Apartment Therapy’s Cammie Collection!

published Oct 6, 2023
Bed with Apartment Therapy + Cammie Collection bedding in Yellow Jasmine
Credit: Cammie

In April 2023, I met the founders of Cammie, a brand-new bedding company that specializes in color. Much like you might demo a new toy, they showed me their bedding website, where buyers can mix every piece of bedding across a range of 40 colors in 100% organic 400-thread-count percale cotton. 

Being able to buy good sheets by color, piece by piece, was a game-changer for me, and I began to think of the different combinations I might make — or our readers might make — and if this could grow to be a big, new trend. 

In the same way that people like to customize their cars and their iPhones, perhaps the same thing could now happen with bedding. It was cool enough that I wrote a love letter praising this all-new company.

But then the founders came back and upped the ante: Would I look over Cammie’s color collection and create four new colors and palettes — creations that would stand out and express the spirit of Apartment Therapy — to add to the collection? 

Yes. Absolutely, yes.

It’s been several months since that initial conversation with the Cammie founders, but the new palettes and colorways are now available for purchase in Peony Red, Yellow Jasmine, Delphinium Blue, and Fair Orchid. Each of these four colors pulls from a broad spectrum, from very warm to very cool tones, beginning with deep red and cooling off with bright blue, and they mix superbly with the standard 40-color Cammie range, adding delight and surprise that will wake up any bed. 

The Apartment Therapy x Cammie Collection officially launches today, Friday, October 6, and I invite you to dive in and play with these “new” colors and this new company.