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Credit: Photos (From left to right): Sarah Crowley, Carli Alves, Anh Lin, Shivani Reddy, Kay Volmar, Marcel Dagenais, Melanie Gnau, Farwa Moledina

Meet the 2023 Apartment Therapy DIY Collective!

published May 23, 2023

When Apartment Therapy launched 19 years ago, the goal was simple: Put a spotlight on real homes and real people, empowering readers to create their happiest, healthiest homes ever. In the years since, we’ve continued to grow as a destination for those excited to show off their unique spaces while also inspiring others to do the same. The idea of “inspiration” is woven so tightly throughout our coverage that we feature projects daily, spotlighting DIYers who have totally transformed their homes — on a tight timeline, in limited square footage, on a budget, even using only what they have — while also helping millions more find their next how-to.

We’re proud to regularly feature so many incredible doers, makers, and creators’ work, and today, I’m overjoyed to introduce you to our inaugural 2023 Apartment Therapy DIY Collective, in partnership with The Home Depot. This handpicked selection of DIYers includes people you’ll hear from often on Apartment Therapy in the months to come, sharing their own projects, tips, tricks, and expert commentary to help you get ready for your next weekend (or maybe even weeknight) project.

This group of eight DIYers was put/brought together by two wonderful Apartment Therapy team members — our Home Projects Director, Megan Baker Detloff, and our Special Projects Director, Alison Goldman — due to their stunning ability to make any project (in any room) feel more like an exciting challenge than a daunting DIY. Their work will delight and inspire you, so much so that it’ll only be a matter of time before you catch yourself thinking, Oh, that looks kind of easy; I can do that, too.

Our DIY Collective launches today, and we cannot wait to share more with you. In the meantime, please get to know our talented DIY Collective members, and follow their socials so you don’t miss a thing!

Melanie Gnau

Melanie, a proud Isleta Pueblo tribal member, chronicles her life (like that time she lived in an Airstream), her dog, her chickens, and her work as a sustainability and small-spaces content creator and coach on her blog, A Small Life. There, she also shares tons of inspiration for readers looking for small home and alternative dwelling ideas.

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Kay Volmar

Kay is a lifestyle and home decor enthusiast whose goal is to inspire and encourage others to find and create beauty in everything. Through her own DIYs and her work on her Central Florida-based fixer-upper built in 1912, Kay’s dream is to make every space feel airy and alive.

Catch all of Kay’s DIYs by following her on Instagram.

Ashley Poskin

Ashley is an OG DIY content creator and crafter who specializes in colorful, budget-friendly, vintage-inspired projects. Almost all of her projects are colorful, quick, and easy to accomplish — no matter what you think your DIY skill level is. She’s always inspiring others to branch out and try something new, and to infuse their homes with color and charm.

Follow along with all of Ashley’s crafts and DIYs on her Instagram.

Carli Alves

Carli is the creator behind the Made By Carli blog, which features DIY projects and inspiration ranging from small builds and home decor to room makeovers and more. She’s using her self-taught interior stylist and DIY enthusiast skills to renovate the 1945 Colonial home in Rhode Island that she lives in alongside her husband and four children.

Tune in to all of Carli’s DIY adventures on her Instagram.

Sourya Venumbaka

Sourya is the self-proclaimed “right brain” behind the brand Sové Home, where she believes good design shouldn’t be out of anyone’s reach. Her DIYs and tutorials aim to empower fellow creators with all the ideas and tools necessary to make their dream homes a reality.

Follow Sourya’s DIY tutorials and projects on her Instagram.

Farwa Moledina

Farwa is a contemporary artist based in the U.K. and, alongside her husband, has been slowly transforming her new-build home into a space filled with color and pattern. Taking cues from her work, which has been exhibited in the U.K. and all over the world, Farwa’s home showcases a natural symmetry between modern influences and traditional design for a timeless and elegant finish. 

Follow along for all of Farwa’s DIYs, hacks, and clever styling on her Instagram

Marcel Dagenais

Marcel (whose iconic work you might recognize from all the best hair looks on shows like “Poker Face,” “Russian Doll,” and “Broad City”) and his partner, Ben, bought their first house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2020. Together, they’re sharing the process of renovating and updating their space on their Brew City Builds YouTube channel, where Marcel puts his love of interior design, art, and building on display for like-minded DIYers. 

Watch Marcel and Ben’s home come together by following along with their DIY Instagram.

Anh Lin

Anh is an interior stylist and the founder of The Hooga Shop. There, she sells jumpsuits, digital downloads, and gorgeous ceramics. She also blogs about her husband, her corgi, her faith, and life in a renovated 1940s fixer-upper for tons of can’t-miss content to inspire your next DIY.

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