This TikToker DIYed Arched Built-ins, and It’s Easier than You Might Think

published May 30, 2023
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Credit: Andreas von Einsiedel | Getty Images

Installing built-in arched shelves sounds like a project that is definitely not DIY-worthy. But one TikToker proved that it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. In an April video, TikTok user Alaina Kathleen (@alainakathleenhome) showed her process of installing two small arched shelves in a blank wall, all within a single afternoon.

First, Alaina drew her arches onto the wall between two studs and used a handheld oscillating multitool to cut the arches out. Before you cut, make sure there are no wires or plumbing located behind the drywall — otherwise, you may have a big problem on your hands.

Alaina then pushed the insulation back and installed pieces of wood measuring the same width as the space between the studs horizontally at the bottom of each arch. She screwed this wood into place, anchoring it securely into the studs.

She then used new pieces of cut drywall as the back of her shelves and used wood blocks to frame out the arch on the inside of the shelf. Then, that frame was covered with slashed drywall strips glued into place.

The entire thing was then coated in mud and painted. “They’re perfectly imperfect and quirky, just the way I wanted them,” Alaina said in her reveal video.

If you’re interested in trying this project in your own home, Alaina gave a full breakdown of her process in a follow-up video.

You might not end up with perfect contractor-executed shelves, but you’ll definitely be proud of your DIY skills and end up with a delightful new space for displaying your knickknacks.