Cozy at the Computer: Using Armchairs as Desk Chairs

updated May 6, 2019
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It happened by accident but I am now using an old oversized armchair as my desk chair. Carpal tunnel experts and physical therapists may gasp in terror but so far I love doing work in this unconventional cocoon of comfort. I feel like I have upgraded to First Class. Meanwhile, in my old workspace (the TV room), my ergonomically correct black high-tech monster of a desk chair spins alone.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last month our home was hit with some kind of viral menace that left my husband and two children bedridden for days. Our bedroom became a mini clinic and I was the attending physician. To keep vigil over my patients, I made a little impromptu office in our (big) bedroom; I lugged my desktop computer downstairs and propped it on a West Elm Parson’s desk. For seating I used what was at hand: the oversized armchair we inherited from my husband’s bachelor days. To my surprise, the set up has been terrific.

Who knew a big old-fashioned armchair would be such a terrific desk chair? I doubt I am a poster child for optimal workspace ergonomics but so far I have no aches and pains to speak of. I sit upright at the end of the chair while typing. When reading or thinking (or procrastinating), I can scoot back and nestle into the chair’s massive embrace. And here lies the one potential downside of the armchair as desk chair: I just may start napping mid-sentence…

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