This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Taste in Art

published Oct 4, 2022
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When it comes to art, taste is highly personal. What one person finds aesthetically pleasing could be totally off-putting to another, and vice versa. This innate subjectivity is precisely what makes art so engaging and inspiring.

But what if I told you that your artistic taste might be reflected in your zodiac sign? That’s right: The planetary alignments on the day you were born could have some say in whether you prefer the bold, colorful vibe of pop art, or the muted hues of Impressionist paintings. Much like art styles or movements, no zodiac signs are objectively bad; they’re just different, and the differences keep life interesting.

Below, read up on which art styles or media align with the traits of your zodiac sign. Familiar with your full astrological birth chart? Read the blurbs for your Moon sign, which speaks to what you find comforting or familiar, and your Venus sign, which describes your aesthetic preferences.

Aries: Pop Art

As a spirited Fire sign, you’ll naturally gravitate toward the bold outlines, vivid colors, and emotive figures characteristic of this art movement from the 1950s and ’60s. Bonus points for any works that prominently feature the color red, which nods to your ruling planet, Mars.

Taurus: Sculpture or Pottery

You have luxurious taste, and your artistic preferences are no exception. The beauty of a well-executed sculpture appeals to Venus, your ruling planet, while the three-dimensionality of this art form speaks to your highly tactile nature. Handcrafted mugs, cups, or vases — anything you can hold in your hands, really — will also resonate.

Gemini: Collage Art

You’re ruled by fast-moving Mercury, so the eclectic, textural look-and-feel of multimedia collage art perfectly suits your changeable vibe. Since Mercury governs the written word, you may feel drawn to visual works that incorporate snippets of text. To borrow a phrase from beloved poet and fellow Gemini Walt Whitman, you contain multitudes. Your taste in art will, too. 

Cancer: Weavings or Wall Hangings

As a lunar-ruled homebody, you prioritize comfort above all else. Weavings, tufted rugs, and other art pieces made of fabric are great for curating the cozy aesthetic of your wildest, most Cancerian dreams. You’ll marvel at how ordinary textiles can be woven together to create evocative works of art.

Leo: Performance Art

I hate to break it to you, Leo, but your flair for the dramatic is legendary. Performance art, which includes an element of live performance and often makes a political or cultural statement, will command your attention and inspire you to take a stand for causes near and dear to your heart.

Credit: Yuri Turkov

Virgo: Impressionism

You have a keen eye for detail, so you’ll appreciate the intricacy of this popular 19th-century style, in which small, thin brushstrokes dissolve into breathtaking paintings. Impressionist greats like Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne often depicted landscapes, which will make your earthy self feel right at home.

Libra: Renaissance Art

A Venus-ruled romantic, you know a thing or two about beauty. The soft tones, sumptuous figures, and lush aesthetic of this classic 15th- and 16th-century style will hit you right in the feels. You’re also an intellectual Air sign, so any mythological or religious iconography is sure to pique your interest.

Credit: Jill Ruzicka

Scorpio: Surrealism

As a deeply intuitive Water sign, you have a very active subconscious. The dreamy, bizarre compositions of acclaimed surrealist painters like Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo are sure to resonate. Others may not get it, but for you, the weirder, the better.

Sagittarius: Art Deco

You’re ruled by abundant, showy Jupiter, so you’ll feel right at home among the ornate, highly stylized aesthetic of this early 20th-century movement. Works of art, design, and architecture from this era are complex and larger-than-life, just like you.

Credit: Minette Hand

Capricorn: Photography

For those born under this perennially practical Earth sign, photography is a no-brainer. Anyone can snap a photo, especially in the age of smartphones, but you recognize the skill, attentiveness, and dedication it takes to construct an extraordinary composition from ordinary life. #NoFilter needed!

Aquarius: Cubism

You proudly do things your own way — much like the iconic 20th-century painters who pioneered the Cubism movement, including Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Their fragmented renderings of people and objects painted from multiple perspectives will stimulate your intellectual streak and comfort your inner rebel.

Pisces: Abstract Art

As a mutable Water sign, you appreciate fluid forms of creativity. Abstract art — which toys with shapes, colors, and lines but does not reference identifiable visuals from real life — perfectly suits your imaginative, unbounded nature. Unlike most people, you won’t feel the need to make meaning out of an abstract work. You’re content to simply experience it.

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