This $15 Amazon Find Could Have Saved Me from My Wardrobe Malfunction — Now I’m Recommending One to Everyone I Know

published Dec 16, 2021
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If you made a list of helpful items you didn’t know you needed until THE moment came that you really needed them, what would be on yours? I got a rude awakening a few weeks ago while on a trip with friends. Our Airbnb had no hangers, so I had the bright idea to drape my outfit over a worn-down closet rod. Long story short, I managed to put a hole in an expensive garment that I would be wearing two days later. First, I panicked; then, I told myself, “You can fix this.” My friends were fortunately able to find a sewing kit for me, and with my extremely limited sewing skills, I closed up the hole and everything worked out!

However, the whole experience made it abundantly clear that a sewing kit is an under-the-radar essential to always have on hand. I poked around and found the highly-popular ARTIKA Sewing Kit on Amazon. It has 4.5 stars and over 17,000 reviews, and best of all, it’s under $15.

The ARTIKA Sewing Kit has everything I would look for in a basic sewing kit: thread in neutrals and simple colors of the rainbow, needles, scissors, pins, clips, and more. Though it’s not professional-grade quality, it’s good for sewing novices (like myself), those interested in kicking off a new hobby without going to town on expensive supplies, and those who simply need some needle and thread around in case of an emergency. “It’s perfect!” expressed a pleased Amazon customer. “It has everything I need for sewing odd jobs and more. I love that it is in a neat little case that zips up, and each of the items — tape measure, scissors, thimble, etc. — are all in their own cute little places held in place so they don’t fall around or get lost. Love it!”

A picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes things look larger than they appear. The ARTIKA Sewing Kit is packed full of handy supplies, and measures only 8.5-by-6 inches. Some buyers reported their surprise at the size of the sewing kit, but remember, these kits aren’t meant to be large in the first place. Their size makes them convenient to store in a drawer, cabinet, or basket that’s easily accessible for quick fixes and small projects. “My daughter’s stuffy had seen better days and needed some doctoring and this kit was perfect,” explained one shopper. “It came with a nice amount of thread colors to try and color match. I love the little scissors. It really made the job much easier.” For comparison, the sewing kit I suddenly had to suddenly get my hands on was significantly smaller than ARTIKA’s (and cost more); yet had exactly what I needed. It’s not about the size, but what’s inside that counts. Still, it’s fun to have a little extra to experiment and learn with!

A common theme throughout the reviews was that this sewing kit was ideal for the home, and if you haven’t gotten a sewing kit yet, consider it now. Before getting one of my own, I never thought about how necessary they were — even though we always had one on hand in my childhood home. “I always used my mom’s and figured I needed to get my own, but did not want to have to go buy all the parts separately,” said a like-minded customer. “This was the perfect answer. Most other kits were too small and did not have all the items I was looking for. Not only that, but this case seems really good, too.”

The ARTIKA Sewing Kit also makes for a thoughtful and affordable gift! One Amazon customer went a step further than her front door to make sure her son, who’s currently living in his college dorm, was covered. “He knows how to sew, so I figured this would be better than those little disposable ones,” she said. “Just WOW! I ordered the second one for our second home. So glad I did! It is really an amazing sewing kit.”

Buy: ARTIKA Sewing Kit, $14.99 ($11.24 with Amazon coupon)