A Dog’s Eye View of Aspen’s Comfy, Sunny Brooklyn Abode

published Jul 7, 2016

Name: Aspen, Huskie/Collie
Roommates: Ariel and Andrew Pietrobono
Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Size: 600 square feet
Years lived together: 2 years

Aspen has lived with siblings Ariel and Andrew ever since Andrew fell in love with the pup at a shelter. The three roommates’ Park Slope apartment is cheerful and warm, with plenty of features that Aspen loves — including a long fetch court/hallway — and some touches to keep his humans happy, too. (Hello, natural light!) Inspired by realtor.com’s “Pets at Home” video, we’re looking at living spaces from a four-legged perspective. Check out Aspen’s, and read on to learn more about how he and his roommates cohabitate.

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

Ever since fostering a dog with a friend, Andrew wanted a pup of his own. Enter Aspen! Though he was covered in fleas and ticks when they met, Aspen is now happy and healthy in the bright and cheerful Park Slope apartment he shares with Andrew and Ariel. Aspen has also lived in Andrew’s collegiate apartment and back home with the whole fam, but he loves his current Brooklyn neighborhood, where he can meet new dog friends and smell all the smells. (The sidewalks are so fragrant! The subway grates are a little spooky, though.)

(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

Aspen makes use of the whole sun-filled apartment: His day starts with 7 a.m. snuggles in Andrew’s bed, then a walk. When his humans leave for work, Aspen gets a peanut butter snack — and run of the house, which may or may not include a sneaky nap on Ariel’s bed, even if he knows it’s meant to be dog-free territory. (Puppy kisses are a good apology.) While Ariel’s bed may be off-limits (ish), her soft and cozy rug is fair game, and Aspen loves to enjoy treats there.

Around 2 p.m., Aspen’s dog walker comes and they take a stroll. The afternoon is also good for canine contemplation, especially with a breeze rolling in through the window and the sun shining. Excitement picks up when Andrew and Ariel get home from work in the evening. Aspen is all smiles then, and greets them by walking circles in the spacious apartment. After family dinner, Andrew and Aspen go for a walk or run. When it’s time for bed, Aspen gets a good tooth brushing before hitting the hay.

While Aspen loves the whole apartment — except for the Aspen-free couch zone, his big shoot for realtor.com being an exception — his favorite spot is wherever his humans are. Or rather, wherever they’re not using the scary vacuum or Swiffer. He appreciates how hard they searched — more than 20 apartments! — to find a home where a large dog like him would feel calm and at ease. To Ariel and Andrew, Aspen makes their home complete. Sometimes they wonder if they give him too many hugs, but he thinks there’s no such thing.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our style: Minimalist, with cheerful and bright pops of color.

Inspiration: We like to bring in pieces that reflect who we are, where we have been and where we are going, while also keeping the place inviting and optimistic.

Aspen’s Favorite Part of the Home: Andrew’s bed (they like to cuddle in the mornings).

Proudest Part of the Home: We are proud that we have managed to beautifully decorate our home on a post-college-grad budget. A lot of our pieces are family heirlooms, free things we have acquired, or things we did not had to spend too much money on!

Biggest Indulgence: Anything we buy from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie Home (but it’s worth it).

Aspen’s Favorite Possession? His bone that we put peanut butter in. He loves peanut butter!

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