Amanda Poryes

What This Simple, Common Saying Taught Me About Budgeting
While the original intention of “good, quick, and cheap” was meant to budget for sets, costumes, and props for a play or movie, I use it in my everyday life.
Jan 30, 2022
3 Clever Hacks for Hosting a Dinner Party in a 1-Bedroom Apartment
Gathering, especially around a meal, is deeply satisfying. Don’t let a small space deter you!
Jan 27, 2022
7 Little Things I Stopped Doing for Dinner Parties — and 3 Things I Always Do
The food just needs to be delish and accommodating, not groundbreaking. 
Jan 21, 2022
This $22 IKEA Lamp Is the Perfect Dupe for a Much More Expensive Fancy Sconce
To the tune of about 90 percent less but still luxe-looking!
Dec 1, 2021