Billy Domineau

This Amazon Buy is the Secret to Designing Your Own Furniture
Stop. Buying. Terrible: Coffee tables. Media consoles. Desks. Moving into a new apartment does not require immediately buying a $50 rectangle made of papier mache and spit. Furnishing your home should be a fun and engaging exploration and expression of your own creativity. Now, this might sound easier said than done—I doubt most of you are carpenters, interior decorators, and/or Restoration Hardware diamond members.
Jan 21, 2019
How to Buy a Rug on Amazon for Up to 80% Off
Area rugs: They can define a space, warm your feet, and hide the scratches in your hardwood floors made by the previous tenant who decided he didn’t need help moving the sofa. While there are plenty of cheap, synthetic options available, buyers looking for a pure wool rug can easily spend several hundred dollars.
Jan 12, 2019
What Everyone Gets Terribly Wrong About “No-Fee” Apartments
There are generally three categories of agents who list and show apartments: brokers to whom renters pay a fee, no-fee brokers, and apartment owners who take care of the job themselves. You probably know that the best deals are usually found in owner-listed situations. Since there’s no broker to middleman the process and demand tribute, both owner and renter can save money.
Oct 27, 2018
The Money-Saving Secret This Former Real Estate Agent Swears By
So—you’re searching for an apartment on Craigslist. You click on “housing” and enter your search criteria: min bedrooms, max price, X miles from your zip code of choice, only show ads with pictures—GO! Aaaaaand you’ve already made a huge mistake. Not only did I do an annual housing hunt every five years while living in Brooklyn (I’m now in L.A.), I also worked as a real estate agent in Brooklyn for two years. I know the deal.
Oct 20, 2018