Cate West Zahl

Before & After: Bare Backyard Turned Lush Patio
Sometimes unhealthy, worn-down grass left unattended by previous owners is beyond repair. And if your yard is on the smaller side, like this one, installing an outdoor patio is a better use of the space. Add shutters, shrubs, and window boxes, and instant ambiance is imminent.Liza from Mel & Liza has done it again, this time transforming her ailing back yard into a lush oasis perfect for entertaining.
May 3, 2012
Decorator’s Trick: Curtains On Bookshelves
Hanging curtains across bookshelves seems to be a move that high-end interior designers make in their own spaces, and perhaps they are on to something. After all, if you’re like me, keeping your bookshelf neat and tidy takes some intention. Why not have the freedom of covering up the mess when it gets out of control?Advantages to this strategy include a layered look that’s sure to add some warmth to any space.
Apr 26, 2012
Books in the Bedroom
The bedroom is not typically known as the most intuitive place to store massive book collections. That’s what a “library” is for. But let’s be honest: who actually has a proper library these days? For some, sleeping with their books is the answer.There are multiple routes to go, depending on your reasons for storing the books in your bedroom.
Mar 30, 2012
Daphne’s Glamorous Nursery
Name: Daphne (1 month)Location: Charleston, SC Size: 10′ x 13′ Many nurseries start off as home offices that are then bequeathed to the newest family member upon their arrival. This was the case with Deirdre’s office which she used for three years before finding out she was expecting. Luckily, the paint color worked well for the nursery she had in mind.How did your office become Daphne’s nursery?
Mar 28, 2012
Stylish Savings: 5 Ways to Improve a Room Without Spending a Dime
It’s not unusual to have to stick with the furnishings and various pieces you have in your space, despite feeling tired of them. Perhaps you’re saving up for a new sofa or know you’ll be moving soon. Maybe you’ve inherited pieces that aren’t exactly what you’d choose, but getting rid of them doesn’t seem right. It could simply be a matter of shopping just not being in the cards at the moment, budget-wise.
Mar 8, 2012
Before & After: Secretary Turned Shiny and Sleek
It takes some serious vision and determination to buy this enormous desk on Ebay for $15.50 in Vienna, Austria. Transportation of the beast alone is hard to execute. But this didn’t stop Liza, who knew she could transform it with some high-gloss paint and a bit of elbow grease. She and her husband brought back the desk via cab from the owner’s apartment, and the taxi ride ended up costing more then the desk!
Mar 1, 2012