Chris Perez

Chris is creative director of Left Right Media branding and marketing agency in Austin. As a photographer and former engineer, Chris enjoys covering topics at the intersection of art and science.
How To: Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality
Are there ever enough outlets? With the evergrowing array of gadgets that find their way into our home (Pads, Tabs, Fires, iPhones, and Nexuses) it seems like the answer is a resounding “No!” Maybe it’s time to give that outlet a reboot with some USB functionality. Read on and we’ll show you how.It’s 2012 and although there aren’t flying cars as the movies predicted, we do at least have some choices when it comes to USB Wall Outlets.
Mar 11, 2020
The Very Best Thing You Can Do For Your Bathroom for $25
This easy project adds both style and function, with very little effort.
Nov 19, 2019
A Quick History of Auto-Tune
You’ve no doubt heard Auto-Tune — it’s implemented in just about every pop song to both obvious and not-so-obvious effect. You may even be familiar with the term, thanks to performers like T-Pain who’ve made a career and an app out of it. But did you know that Auto-Tune was created by a research scientist who worked in the oil industry? We look at a brief history and also show you where you can download Auto-tune software to use on your home computer.
May 5, 2019
This Real-Life Home Robot is like Rosie from the Jetsons
This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was a coming out party for the bots. Sony had a new version of its Aibo dog, Honda had its line of mobility robots, and yet the robot with the most buzz on the show floor was a funny little thing from LG called CLOi (pronounced like “chloe”—KLOH-ee). Ever wish you had a clone to help you out around the house? CLOi may be as close as we get.
May 3, 2019
Never Fold Again: This Wardrobe Will Fold Your Laundry For You
Why is doing laundry always so tedious? Maybe because it takes forever. We spend an average of 18,000 hours of our lives on laundry, and just over one year (375 days) just folding clothes. These stats come courtesy of the marketing materials for the Laundroid, an automatic laundry folding robot, of course… because they have an automatic folding machine to sell. But also, you had us at laundry folding robot.
May 3, 2019
7 Cutting-Edge Innovations that are About to Change Life at Home
Last week over 180,000 people from around the world descended onto the Las Vegas Convention Center to see the latest ideas in consumer tech at CES — the Consumer Electronics Show. CES is a chance to see what both big and small players from the tech industry are cooking up for our future (the first VHS VCR debuted at CES back in 1975). Many guesses miss the mark, but among the 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, there are some truly life-changing ideas.
May 3, 2019
Mary Lee’s Life in 300 Square Feet
Name: Mary Lee Location: Austin, Texas Size: 300 square feet Years lived in: 8 months That’s not a typo. Mary Lee’s Austin studio is only 300 square feet, yet it somehow seems so spacious, so open, and so comfortable. Come on in, take a peek and let Mary Lee show you that living in 300 square feet is not only possible, but it’s perhaps all the room you really need.
Mar 6, 2013
Caroline & Jose’s Remarkable Austin Nest
Name: Caroline and Jose Vasquez-Corbalan of Paloma’s Nest Location: Austin Texas Size: 1,000 square feet plus 600 square feet of studio/office space in the back. Years lived in: 10 years Caroline and Jose embody the true spirit of creativity. They spent their first date drawing furniture design ideas on the back of their dinner napkins — after realizing they both shared the same dream of wanting to make things for a living.
Feb 20, 2013
Make Your Own Before & After
We’ve been showcasing a lot of Before and Afters here this month, and perhaps it’s inspired you to do a few of your own. You may, however, still have doubts, and may find that you ask yourself “can I really do that?” Well, here are some simple beginner DIY’s that you most definitely can do. Time to make your own Before & After.1. Paint a Globe.Take a globe you already have (preferably one of those 3D topographic ones), or acquire one.
Feb 18, 2013
Deciphering the Power Label On Your A/C Adapters
Turn over the charger or plug to any electronic device and you’ll notice small print and symbols related to the power requirements of your device. But what do all those symbols all mean and why do they matter when plugging in…Let’s look at some of these terms individually and talk about what they might mean to you.The Power NumbersWattageThis is often the first marking you might find on your A/C Adapter. It simply notes the power of the adapter.
Apr 2, 2012
Callen & Eli’s Artful Treehouse
Name: Callen & Eli Location: Austin, Texas Size: 800 sq ft, open floorplan Years lived in: 2 months Art can be therapeutic and transformative. You realize that shortly after stepping into Callen and Eli’s delightful studio space. The cheery open floorplan among the trees is filled with vintage treasures, handmade objects, and a very agreeable sense of relaxation. It’s art therapy done right.Callen has always possessed a connection to the arts.
Mar 21, 2012
Joey’s Small and Spacious Modern Abode
Name: Joey WilliamsLocation: Austin, Texas Size/Room: 97 square feet Years lived in: 1 It may sound small, but 97 square feet is all the space Joey needs for his home office, video editing room, coffee lounge, and patio. His Sett Studio is a compact, highly sustainable piece of modern architecture. You’ll be surprised at how much style, tech, and functionality can be thoughtfully packed into this practical dwelling.
Mar 1, 2012