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published Feb 18, 2013
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We’ve been showcasing a lot of Before and Afters here this month, and perhaps it’s inspired you to do a few of your own. You may, however, still have doubts, and may find that you ask yourself “can I really do that?” Well, here are some simple beginner DIY’s that you most definitely can do. Time to make your own Before & After.

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1. Paint a Globe (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

1. Paint a Globe.
Take a globe you already have (preferably one of those 3D topographic ones), or acquire one. (As tempting as it may be, try not to go overboard with a whole collection.) Now simply mask off the globe stand with tape and then spray paint the globe all in a solid color. Will you choose something bright and glossy? or something black and matte? It’s all up to you.

2. Colorblock Something.
What’s perhaps the easiest way to add a subtle touch of color to your home? Colorblock. Either remove the wooden legs from a sofa, or invert one of your dining chairs on a soft drop cloth. Mask off the upper portion of the leg (about 4″ from the bottom) and then simply paint on a favorite color that’ll match the decor of your room. Neon pink or yellow often look great. This trick works great for planter pots too.

3. Frost Glass.
Give clear glass a different look or hue by painting the underside with a flat color. Clear glass looks great with a white or a light mint undercoat. Tinted glass looks great with black. Applying the coat with a roller brush will allow you to cover large areas more uniformly than a spray can.

4. Swap a Lamp Shade.
If you have an old lamp, try giving it a new life with a new fabric lampshade. Simply get some fabric in a solid color or simple pattern and line your shade with the material, once you have tested and ensured a good fit. Apply fabric glue or spray adhesive to the backside and then carefully wrap the fabric around the shade form. Allow to dry fully before putting back in place. Quick and easy.

5. Give Your Books A Monochromatic Makeover
All you need is patience, a few rolls of construction paper, and memories of your high school book covering days. Make covers for each of your books then write the title of each one in ink on the spine.

Have you tried any of these before & afters?

(Images: 1. Shutterstock 2. Steph & Phil’s Reimagined Victorian 3. Archie Expo 4. Diane Phillips/Nesting Newbies via Apartment Therapy 5. Chris Perez)