Danielle Henderson

How to Measure When You Don't Have a Tape Measure or Ruler
You can find rough measurements or distances using easy-to-find items you already have on hand.
Sep 8, 2022
How To: Make a Glittering Lightscape
Glow and Behold. We first saw this sparkling lightscape last year in the now-defunct Blueprint. It’s a lovely neutral and crystalline color palette. Click below for details on how to do this project using Christmas lights and canvas…• Paint a stretched canvas from an art-supply store in your desired color.• Plot out your design in pencil on the back, keeping dots a half-inch apart.
Jul 17, 2020
How To: Make Your Own Mattress
Making your own mattress could be a good option if you are concerned about sleeping on the factory-made chemical-sponges known as a conventional mattress. Or maybe you’re just the type to get into customizing everything. Either way, inspired by a recent question posed to Ask Umbra over at Grist, we’ve poked around for some resources and techniques for assembling a fume-free place to rest your head.
May 10, 2019