Geoff Bentz

How To Clean a Power Outlet
This is slightly embarrassing but my power outlets are…grodie. Doesn’t it look like it’s crying out? It would be one thing if it was hidden behind the sofa but this is in plain view above the stove. However with a little elbow grease (about the amount of a Smurf) it’s clean, clean, clean.ToolsQ-tips Formula 409ScrewdriverRazor Blade (if you have excess caulking to remove) 1. Shut your power off.2. Remove the power plate cover.
May 21, 2019
Sandy & Joe’s Bewitching Home
Name: Sandy Chilewich & Joe SultanLocation: East 50’s, NYCSize: 1,500 square feet — 2 ½ bedroomsYears lived in: 4 years Rent or Own: Own Who else lives here? Our youngest son, Harry (15 years old) This is the home that Chilewich built. If you don’t know Chilewich, here’s a quick rundown. After a successful career in fashion, Sandy Chilewich took her love for textiles and entered the design world. She first gained accolades with the now iconic Raybowls.
May 12, 2010
Ivonne’s Gutsy Renovation
Name: Ivonne CasasLocation: Williamsburg, BrooklynSize: 1,800 square feet — now, 450 square feetYears lived in: 13 years Rent or Own: Rent Ivonne’s South Williamsburg loft lives in infamy. In 2008 the building was suddenly evacuated by the fire department citing “imminent danger” due to broken standpipes and a basement full of matzo wheat which could combust at any moment.
Apr 14, 2010
Hollister & Porter’s Williamsburg Safari
Name: Hollister Hovey & Porter HoveyLocation: Williamsburg, BrooklynSize: 1,400 square feetYears lived in: rented, 4½: years A few misconceptions about the Hoveys. They are not big-game hunters from the 1930’s. They are sisters from Kansas City with the given names Hollister and Porter. They are not taxidermists. Hollister works in PR and Porter for a management consulting firm. They are not hoarders. They are collectors of awesomeness.
Mar 10, 2010
Stephen & Todd’s Fantastic Mr. Farmhouse
Name: Stephen Ellwood and Todd CarrLocation: Cornwallville, New YorkSize: 1,600 square feetYears lived in: 1½ To Stephen and Todd this 1900 fieldstone farmhouse is not a labor of love — it’s just pure love. Sure they have doors that lead to nowhere, but they also have a wood burning stove, an outdoor tub and a barn for a pottery studio. Not to mention an incredibly cute Brussels Griffon named Vernon.
Feb 10, 2010