Laura Stampler

10 Top Picks To Start Your Own Feminist Bookshelf
As the weather continues to drop, it’s the perfect time of year to wind down, wrap yourself in a wool blanket, and curl up with a good book. And in case you’re looking for a new page turner, might we suggest leaning into Merriam-Webster’s official 2017 Word of the Year with some stellar feminist reading?
May 3, 2019
The Hidden Meaning in Pantone’s Color of the Year
In these unpredictable times, Pantone delivered at least one certainty we can hold onto for 2018: their much-anticipated Color of the Year. And like it or not, the pick is Ultra Violet—an intense, bold shade of purple. At face value, the choice might seem like merely a design one that will influence everything from throw pillows to bridesmaid dresses in the coming year. But over time, these selections have come to take on a bit of a deeper meaning.
Dec 7, 2017