Lisa Galek

Lisa Galek is a freelance writer and editor based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her writing has appeared in Cleveland Magazine, Scholastic Science World, Refinery29, and The Buckeye Flame. She lives with her husband and three very clever daughters.
How the 20/20 Rule Helped Me Declutter My Messy Life
When my family bought our new home a few years ago, I spent days packing up cluttered closets, disorganized drawers, messy shelves, and overflowing toy bins. I promised myself the new house would be different.
May 21, 2023
10 Questions You Should Ask When You’re Hiring a House Cleaner
If you can swing it, hiring a professional house cleaner is a great way to save time, reduce stress, and improve the health of your home. Plus, you have a chance to support a local business.
Oct 6, 2021