Margaret Abrams

Margaret is a freelance writer who covers culture and cocktails in New York City. She spent six years in New Orleans and is still searching for the perfect biscuit recipe.
Simple Solutions: Painted Headboard
If you think the secret to a making a grand statement in your bedroom is buying an expensive, clunky headboard that takes up too much space and time to assemble, we have good news for you. There’s a seriously easy and chic way to transform your bedroom in a single weekend. The simple solution? Paint your headboard.
Sep 24, 2015
Simple Solutions: Half-Painted Wall
It seems like we’re always looking for an easy way to add a little color and contrast into our homes without sacrificing too much money or time. But finding the one color that is the right one for your room can sometimes take more energy than the job itself. The simple solution? Half-painted walls. We’re loving this super easy, personalized, and colorful way to change your home in 24 hours. Still split in two as to how to get started?
Sep 22, 2015