Simple Solutions: Painted Headboard

published Sep 24, 2015
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(Image credit: Dutch Boy paints)
(Image credit: Dutch Boy)

If you think the secret to a making a grand statement in your bedroom is buying an expensive, clunky headboard that takes up too much space and time to assemble, we have good news for you. There’s a seriously easy and chic way to transform your bedroom in a single weekend. The simple solution? Paint your headboard. Here’s why we’re raving over this painted problem-solver:

(Image credit: Dutch Boy)

For the Small Space Dweller

Sometimes, especially in a small room, the best or only solution is to not have a physical headboard at all. Enter: painted headboard. Finding a way to make a small sleep space feel, well, spacious is a challenge that paint can solve. By adding a design, shape, or just a contrast of color above your bed, you can make the wall look larger than it is, and even add height to a room.

For the Mindful Shopper

Dressing up your bedroom doesn’t have to spell doom for your wallet. Simply painting a headboard is an affordable and completely doable option, even for the DIY-challenged. Dutch Boy paints has really simplified the painting process by offering budget-friendly paint in easy to use Twist & Pour containers. An even bigger penny-saver? Paint just the outline of the headboard and let the wall color underneath fill in the middle! Making your own headboard is the easiest way to create the luxury look without the price.

(Image credit: Dutch Boy)

For the Renter

With luck, your landlord may give you the okay to paint (as long as you paint it back before you leave, of course.) An impactful way to introduce a bit of color without going overboard in your temporary space is to add a pop color above your bed. Trust me – you’ll be thankful for not having to lug that bulky backboard up those five flights of stairs.

For The Creative Spirit

Don’t be afraid to come up with your own design, trim, and shape to make your finished product a reflection of you and your style. If you’re looking to make your new headboard stand out, adding borders and visual detail will really dress up your wall. Already have bold, intricate bedding? We suggest keeping it simple with modern, clean lines to make your bed the clear focus. A DIY headboard allows you to fully customize the size, style and colors to suit any bed and decor. And if you’re a creative like me, the option to customize is the ultimate solution.

(Image credit: Dutch Boy)

Ready to go Dutch?

You’ll Need:
Dutch Boy paints
Angled paintbrush
Woven roller covers and roller frame
Mini woven roller cover and roller frame (optional)
Paint tray and liners
Painter’s tape
Tape measure
Drop cloth
Clean, damp cloth

Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a seasoned veteran painter, Dutch Boy paints makes transforming your space easy. They bring you little ways to make a huge difference in your home, and a DIY headboard is just one of them. Instead of perusing Pinterest for hours in search of the perfect paint or project, Dutch Boy paints has both – with their endless list of projects and gorgeous color selection. Dutch Boy paints’ Twist & Pour container is easy to open and easy to pour, so even if you’re a total novice in the craft department you’ll be able to craft the headboard of your greatest dreams.

For more super simple paint projects to totally transform your home, explore what Dutch Boy paints has to offer here and let us know what your ideal color combo would be in the comments!