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10 DIY Glider & Rocker Makeovers
New nursery seating can be a huge expense, but secondhand options are often dated and fug. Here are ten makeovers we like. Some are as simple as reupholstered cushions or a fresh coat of paint on a wooden frame, while others involve major structural changes. All are huge improvements on the originals.TOP ROW:1. Norah’s Sweet and Sunny Nursery2. Glider Makeover – Polished3. Makeover: Dutailier Glider4. Glider Makeover5. Before & After: A “Grandma Glider” BOTTOM ROW:6.
Jul 15, 2020
What to Do During the Polar Vortex: A Domestic Choose Your Own Adventure
This week much of the US has dipped to subzero temps, and the attendant office and school closings find many of us at home, wrenched from our weekday routines, and stuck inside. Depending on your living situation and your job, this could mean a fun day at home or an exceptionally challenging work situation. Here are some different scenarios and how to make the most of them. If you are home alone and your office is closed for the day… Lucky you!
Mar 11, 2020
Modern Nursery Classic: The Eames Rocker
The iconic Eames rocker is a well-loved addition to many nurseries that we have featured here. Most nursery rockers and gliders tend towards enormity, but this little workhorse is a stylish small space wonder that’s great for nursing, reading, or just hanging out.Designed in 1948, the Eames’ borrowed techniques for molding plastic from World War II research to create a plastic chair with a more organic, body-contoured form.
Mar 11, 2020
Planning Ahead: Converting Twin Beds to Bunks
Our recent roundup of twin beds elicited many comments from readers convinced that twins don’t make much sense because kids might outgrow them. But what about shared rooms and space constraints? My twins share a room and are perilously close to climbing out of their cribs, so we are looking at big kid beds. For our home and needs, it makes sense to buy twin beds that can be converted to bunk beds in a few years. In the course of shopping around we have learned a few things.
Mar 11, 2020
Mildrid’s Elephant Sanctuary
Name & Age: Mildrid, 7 weeksLocation: Chicago, IL Room Size: 11×9 feet Mildrid is brand new, but she already has a beautiful art collection and a wonderful library, all thanks to her parents, Jurgita and Vlad. They worked hard to put together this lovely room in anticipation of Mildrid. She is still rooming in with her folks, just down the hall in the very room where she was born. When she makes the move to her crib Mildrid is sure to love this room that started with an elephant and a girl.
Dec 19, 2019
Eric’s Soothing Stripes
Name & Age: Eric, 1.5 weeks(!) oldLocation: Austin, TX When Ohdeedoh friend Luciana let us know that she was decorating a nursery for a baby boy, we couldn’t wait to see what she put together. Baby Eric’s nursery was lovingly decorated in advance of his October 15 birth day. Welcome home, little man.
Dec 19, 2019
Meg’s Room For Three
Kids: 6 year old girl, 5 and 2.5 year old boysLocation: Madison, WIRoom Size: 10′ x 10′ Meg is the creative force behind the popular blog Elsie Marley and the creative mom behind the three siblings who live in this room. We loved it back when it was just a little nursery for one, then Meg made space for another child, and then another. Sharing a 1,000 square foot two-bedroom home in Wisconsin, this family of five has done more than simply making do with a small space.
May 5, 2019
Protecting Your House from Sunblock
With Summer months stretching ahead of us, everyone is slathering on the SPF. Protection from the sun’s rays is critical, but what about protecting your poor house? Greased up occupants can leave their mark everywhere. Here are a few tips for preventing and cleaning up sunblock messes.Prevention: Establish a place for applying sunblock that’s far away from furniture and walls. Take it outside to a deck or yard if that’s an option, otherwise head into the bathroom.
May 5, 2019
In Praise of IKEA’s FRAKTA Bag
What’s big, blue, and one of my all-time favorites from IKEA? At $0.59, the FRAKTA bag is cheaper than a soft serve cone from the Swedish behemoth, and it just might be the brand’s most versatile product. What’s it good for? How much time have you got? Laundry – The FRAKTA is enormous and weightless, which makes it great for hauling dry cleaning and laundry. The flat bottom even makes it work for collecting clean folded laundry before putting it in its place.
May 4, 2019
New Holiday Traditions: Ideas for Donating as a Family
‘Tis the season for coat collections, holiday gift drives, and charitable giving, and this year I’m trying to coordinate my own periodic decluttering with the efforts of local organizations. It’s nice to make space for the new, and nicer still to get kids involved in donations, identifying things they no longer use that other children can enjoy. My family is tackling some of our biggest accumulators and finding plenty of enthusiastic takers, eager to distribute our donations.
Feb 24, 2019
Tried & True Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Craigslist
Whether you’re shopping for furniture, appliances, or a sweet new ride, Craigslist is likely on your radar, and it can be a real boon to savvy shoppers. On the flipside, it can be a total boondoggle. Sometimes the deal just presents itself to you; a quick search yields exactly what you want, well-priced and nearby, but that’s kind of the Craigslist unicorn. More often, you need to search diligently, negotiate, and brush up on your Craigslist algebra.
Jun 2, 2014
Are Boy/Girl Shared Bedrooms a Problem?
We see plenty of shared bedrooms here on Apartment Therapy. The overwhelming majority are for siblings of the same sex, but especially when families live in small homes and apartments, it’s often the logical (or only) choice for a brother and sister to share a bedroom. Last week in “My Brother’s Bunkmate,” New York Times contributor Michael Tortorello wrote about some of the issues of brothers and sisters sharing a room.
Feb 12, 2014
Make Your Own View-Master Reels
Last weekend I unearthed my old View-Master and a ziploc bag full of reels. It was so fun to see my son discover images from my childhood in 3D, and the only thing that could be more special would be images from his own childhood. This kit makes it possible.Using a digital camera and Photoshop, users can create custom reels that fit a standard View-Master.
Nov 15, 2011
Bring The Kids to IKEA
This admission won’t win me any parenting awards, but here goes – I go to great pains to plan my shopping outings sans kids. With three under three, I have always considered shopping solo to be the path of least resistance, but a Memorial Day weekend trip to IKEA was nothing short of a revelation. I’ll never go to IKEA without my kids again, and here’s why: IKEA has the best shopping carts ever.
Jun 1, 2011
Lainey & Nella’s Pretty Place
Names: Lainey & NellaLocation: FloridaRoom size: 13’x13′ Readers of Kelle Hampton’s blog, Enjoying The Small Things, have come to love Kelle and her daughters, Lainey and Nella. True to her blog’s name, Kelle delights in little details, and her daughters’ shared room is a study in simple and beautiful pleasures.Enjoying The Small Things has a huge and fiercely devoted following.
Dec 1, 2010