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13 Thanksgiving Movies and TV Shows to Stream This Week
Featuring classics, new favorites, and more to watch with your friends and family.
Nov 21, 2022
The Horror Inside: Looking Back at the Interiors of American Horror Story
Oh, American Horror Story. You have such campy, spooky promise, and when you deliver, you really deliver. The scenery was always a draw: even when the plot flailed, the sets gave your eyeballs a treat. Now that AHS is gradually leaving Netflix, queue up your television and relive the architectural highlights, before the episodes disappear like so many bodies. Begin with Hotel, arguably the weakest season and the first to get the axe.
May 3, 2019
Turn Any Room Into a Scary Movie With These Insta-Worthy Halloween Decor Hacks
Halloween is coming, and you want to turn your place into a sweet, scary mansion. There’s only one problem: you live in 400 square feet. Or you’re lazy. Or you’re broke. Maybe all three. Never fear. You can still inspire spooky with a single room. Below, five cinematic inspirations for turning a partitioned space into a backdrop that’ll make Instagram lose its mind.
May 3, 2019
Get Ready For Turkey Day: A Countdown of the Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes
We’ve got slightly under two weeks until the big meal. Get in the mood with the best Thanksgiving episodes—or at the very least, create seasonal background noise while you scour Pinterest for stuffing recipes. Thanksgiving is a thing in the Belcher household. Mr. Fischoeder rents out Bob’s family to impress an old flame. Bob gets weird with his eternal flame, the turkey. Hijinks ensue. Also good: every other Thanksgiving episode.
May 3, 2019
The Many Apartments of Pieces of April
This year I’m thankful for a lot, but mostly Pieces of April. There’s a lot to love about the 2003 classic: the fresh and touching plot, the real look at relatives, and stellar performances from Katie Holmes, Derek Luke, and wish-they-were-your-parents Oliver Platt and Patricia Clarkson. But a big part that got me is that Thanksgiving takes place in an apartment on the Lower East Side.
May 3, 2019
A Look at the Haunting Aquatic Spaces of The Shape of Water
The Shape of Water—Guillermo del Toro’s latest film and nominated for seven Golden Globes—is a modern aquatic fairy tale, the story of a mute woman who falls for a fish-man. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, the interiors provide a peek into the past, the past’s vision of the future, and insight into its memorable characters, who struggle daily with the injustice in being any kind of an Other.
May 3, 2019
A Neighborhood Guide to The Nightmare Before Christmas
“Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams,” opens the 1993 classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Going opening night as a kid felt like a dream; seeing it at 10pm and getting the Kids’ Combo blurred reality’s edges in the best sugar high, up past my bedtime kind of way. For some people, Die Hard is their edgy holiday movie.
May 3, 2019