Tammy Everts

Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
Name: Tammy, John, Sam, Will, and Dobbs Location: Gulf Islands, British Columbia Size: 180 square feetYears lived in: One (mostly on weekends) Before I get started with this tour, I cannot emphasize this enough: My husband and I are not rich and we are not particularly handy. Heck, we’re not even all that smart. This latter fact was probably the driver behind why two people with little money and even fewer skills would even attempt to build a cabin on an isolated island with no amenities.
Sep 7, 2011
A Definitely, Indisputably Not-Girly Shared Room
Names and ages: Biggest Brother (6), Big Brother (4), and Littlest Brother (2)Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Anyone who took the tour of Ashley’s daughter’s gorgeous nursery knows that this is a mom with absolutely amazing taste. But in the case of this room, shared by Ashley’s three sons, her taste did not come into play. These little boys knew what they wanted. Planes. Orange. Not girly. And that’s what Ashley delivered.
May 12, 2010
Look! DIY Toddler Bed for $20
Toddler beds may not be for everyone, but as it turns out, they’re for my toddler. Here’s the saga of a preternaturally agile and stubborn (though still adorable) little boy, a semi-frustrating trip to Ikea, and a very handy husband who saves the day:A toddler bed was never part of my master plan. However, my little guy did not consult my master plan.
Apr 8, 2010
What Do Kids Learn While Cooking?
It’s a widely held belief that children who help prepare food are also, natch, more likely to eat it. As if this gift were not enough, the folks over at the website Kids Cooking Activities have compiled a lengthy list of all the tangible skills – from math to history – waiting to be picked up in the kitchen.
Mar 24, 2010
10 Bath Toys You Can Find in Your Kitchen
If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a fifteen-dollar plastic bath toy and thinking, “What the heck?” then this post is for you.
Mar 18, 2010
The Wilkinson Residence
Name: The Wilkinson ResidenceLocation: Portland, OregonSize: 3300 square feet indoors, 500 square feet of deck spaceYears lived in: 6 One look at the exterior of the Wilkinson house (which is referred to as “The Treehouse” by some and “Wave House” by others) and you know you’re not about to enter an ordinary home. You may love this house. (Goodness knows, I do.) You may not. But that’s not the point.
Mar 11, 2010
Homespun Elegance: DIY Cheesecloth Curtains
If you’re looking for a 10-minute DIY project to transform your space, consider these breathtaking homemade curtains we spotted at Maya*Made. To most of us, this is ordinary cheesecloth. Maya calls it “poor man’s lace.”Sometimes it’s the simplest projects that have the most breathtaking effect. We can’t get enough of looking at the deliciously filtered sunlight coming through the windows in these photos. And just how did Maya achieve this ethereal effect?
Jan 27, 2010
Ikea Hack of the Year: World’s Best Hamster Cage
We followed IkeaHacker’s annual Hack of the Year contest with bated breath, but it was obvious from the get-go that Martina’s fabulous hamster habitat was a crowd favorite. Congratulations, Martina… and congratulations also to Sonic, the lucky inhabitant!IkeaHacker recently announced the contest winner, decided by reader voting, here. What makes this an exemplary hack is that it represents the true spirit of hacking: creating something brand-new out of necessity.
Jan 27, 2010
Flickr Find: Handmade Play Tent
What a fantastic idea for occupying those deep corners that are created near beds and cribs. What’s even better, Kim fashioned this cozy, colorful little nook for her daughter Haley almost entirely from items she found around the house.Materials used: An old bathroom cabinet for storing little books and treasures, a reclaimed tablecloth, various pillows and sheets, and leftover yardage from a previous project.
Oct 26, 2009
How To: Make Mushroom Shelves
We have a sort-of suspicion that, up close, these shelves — made out of actual shelf mushrooms — might be a bit too reminiscent of those clocks made from overly lacquered slices of logs, but this photo gives them such Alice in Wonderland appeal that we kind of love them anyway.
Oct 2, 2009
Free! Papercraft Train Templates from Sanrio
We were a little concerned when we saw that all the text on this site is in Japanese, but we realized pretty quickly that the instructions for assembling this set of twelve cute little trains (and their accompanying paper village and infrastructure) were pretty self-evident. All you need is a color printer and you’re good to go.
Oct 9, 2008
How To: Repurpose Crib Bumpers
The other day, Ohdeedoh reader Pencils asked a good question in the comments section of this post:When are manufacturers going to stop selling their bedding only in sets that contain bumpers? I have to think that their sales are already affected. I didn’t buy a set for my new daughter, when a few years ago I probably would have. All I wanted was a sheet, crib skirt, and possibly curtains.
Sep 4, 2008
How To: Make Shelves Out of Fruit Crates
We love a simple DIY solution, so when we happened across a set of photos explaining how to make cute shelves out of inexpensive (or free, if you’ve got a nose for scavenging) wooden crates, we were all over them. See the final result, along with detailed instructions and photos, below the jump.
Jul 18, 2008