Taylor Long

10 Colors That Make Great Accent Walls
To help take the guesswork out of giving your space a quick and easy refresh, we rounded up our favorite no-fail shades.
Jan 29, 2020
10 Inspiring Tiny Home Interiors We Spotted on Instagram
Once an alternative living solution, tiny homes are now firmly in the mainstream. Their minimalist and functional designs have become inspiration for apartment dwellers and owners of larger homes alike. You know the look—bright white walls, creative storage solutions, multipurpose furniture, and as much natural light as possible. It’s an undeniably effective way to style a small space, but it’s starting to feel a little bit cookie cutter.
Aug 18, 2018
12 Items from Target’s Kids Line You’ll Want for Yourself
In the world of interior design, it can be easy to start taking things just a little too seriously. Some of the most beautiful interiors get it right by incorporating playful or nostalgic pieces alongside more timeless design elements. In the spirit of letting loose, we’ve chosen some of our favorite pieces from Target’s children’s line Pillowfort that you’ll want to decorate with yourself.
Jul 30, 2018