10 Inspiring Tiny Home Interiors We Spotted on Instagram

published Aug 18, 2018
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(Image credit: Carina Romano)

Once an alternative living solution, tiny homes are now firmly in the mainstream. Their minimalist and functional designs have become inspiration for apartment dwellers and owners of larger homes alike. You know the look—bright white walls, creative storage solutions, multipurpose furniture, and as much natural light as possible. It’s an undeniably effective way to style a small space, but it’s starting to feel a little bit cookie cutter. Our favorite tiny homes break this mold, proving that small spaces shouldn’t be afraid to go big when it comes to style.

1. Chic and Eclectic

The multipurpose bench-style seating characteristic of many tiny homes has become a bit tired. This Chicago tiny home is a great reminder that folding chairs are another great space-saving seating option, and if you play your cards right you might even get to keep your favorite reading chair. The way it pairs mid-century bookcase and a natural wood coffee table with an exotic wood carving and oriental rug makes the space feel cozy and intentional, like these pieces are carefully-chosen favorites.

2. Industrial Country Loft

This bungalow is a great example of a tiny home with a lot of interest. It’s our favorite in a colony of bungalows for rent in upstate New York. The natural wood ceilings, geometric windows, metal ladder staircase, and lofted bedroom give the space an industrial feel. A few carefully chosen decorative elements make for a warm and inviting home that feels spacious without feeling stark. We love the unexpected lavender walls and bright red kilim rug.

3. Moroccan-Inspired

Textiles go a long way in this Moroccan-inspired tiny home. Romantic sheers camouflage a lofted bed and Moroccan pillows and rug come together to create an inviting sitting area. Finished with traditional lanterns and a beautiful wood-carved coffee table, it’s easy to picture this tiny home as a seaside getaway or as a soothing urban escape.

4. Acid Trip

The bright geometric walls in this tiny home are vibrant and unique. We love the oversaturated and playful hues throughout the “shell house”—evidently so-named for the large seashell sculpture in one of the rooms. This tiny home has plenty of other quirky pieces, all held together by a beautifully cohesive color palette.

5. Cozy Contemporary

This mini home does chic and modern without feeling too bare-bones. A variety of storage solutions—side-by-side black china cabinets, space-saving built-ins, and open shelving—lend a lived-in, cozy look. Exposed beams, gallery walls, and a couple of cats add to the understated charm of this home.

6. Tiny Green House

Built-ins are a tiny home staple, but while some use them to showcase their book collection or knick knacks from their favorite adventures, others use them to create a lush vertical garden. We say that’s a fine use of a shelf. Rattan lighting fixtures and furniture punctuate the tropical aesthetic of this tiny home.

7. Rustic Minimalistic

The exposed brick wall in this tiny home adds a striking touch. We’re majorly impressed with the Scandi touches too, which makes the space feel cozy and welcoming.

8. Renovated Railway Carriage

This renovated railway car takes its cues from old world style. It’s anything but subtle, but if a miniature hunting estate is what you seek, look no further. A full drawing room is tricked out with deep reds and classic wood panelling. The full kitchen has more storage than most apartments I’ve rented. I can imagine being very comfortable curling up in this space with a Sherlock Holmes book.

9. Dream Treehouse

The beautifully rustic interior of this tiny home puts the treehouses of your childhood to shame (no offense). If the view from above isn’t enough, thick branches from the supporting tree are a focal point in the main seating area. Two lofted beds are perfectly cozy and offer quick access to books. The best part? Nearly all of it is repurposed.

10. Garage Doors

Small, but mighty, this tiny house with a full glass garage door is stunning from both angles with retractable steps into the kitchen on one side and a gorgeous lofted bed on the other. A string of Edison lights casts an almost magical light on warm, industrial design. It’s loaded with tons of subtle, safe-saving features like drop-down cabinetry that are genuinely intuitive, and not clever for clever’s sake. Bringing the outside in is as simple as opening the wide garage door at the center of the house.