Twitter Is Sharing Why They Never Invite People Over and We Feel Seen

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If you’ve ever felt like you just couldn’t with houseguests, I get it. Although I do like having people over, one of my chief reasons for liking it is pretty selfish: I like having a regular excuse to clean and at least pretend to look like I maybe have my life halfway together.

But sometimes I just don’t feel up for it. It’s not an option. Neighbor kids will want to come play inside and I’ll flat-out deflect to the hose in the backyard. I often feel guilty for this, thinking of some fictional alternate universe version of me wherein I’m ready for drop-ins at all hours—domestically, mentally, whatever. I can’t be that perfect fake-self though, and neither can you. It’s for this reason that the #WhyINeverInvitePeopleOver hashtag has us all feeling so seen.

Here are some faves:

Dan Raney gets straight to the point, clarifying that he’s actually met human people.

@getchalifeyet made a legitimate point by questioning a person’s ability to leave the residence of another person at an appropriate time.

If you have dogs as roommates, then you might understand the plight of a person who wants to offer guests a place to sit but can’t because the pups already called dibs.

Speaking of dogs, maybe take a page out of @daniellepagxx’s book and remember that you could perhaps invite dogs over instead of humans.

But back to the point of people not knowing when to leave, maybe a banner could help?

Ok, personally, this one is me except the laundry is in my bedroom and I close the door. “Bedroom? No, that’s a closet. I don’t have a bedroom. Yup, I sleep on the couch.”

Did you know there’s a couch deprecation calculator like this?

One reason you should bring food to another person’s house: they might not want you to have their food.

I have to clean up first, then act really nonchalant with my guests like my place is always clean. (Except for the bedroom door. Do not open the bedroom door.)

Little PSA here: even if you keep shoes on in your house, it’s always polite to check before dragging footwear through someone else’s home.