This Ballard Designs Easel Made Mounting My Frame TV Easy and Super Stylish

published Aug 29, 2023
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light grey blue walls with wainscot trim, antique details on gold mirror and chandelier, with large art on the wall

Have you jumped on the Samsung Frame TV bandwagon yet? These devices have become incredibly popular over the past several years because they’re designed to resemble a framed piece of artwork when they’re not in use. Ingenious, right?

As someone who aims to make my home as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I invested in Frame TVs for both my living room and bedroom (Note: These televisions are pricey, but they always go on major sale during Amazon Prime Day or around the holidays.) Because the TV in my bedroom is 43 inches in size, I opted to mount it on the wall above my dresser. The TV in my living room is the smallest Frame TV size, and features a 32-inch screen. When I bought it, I knew it’d be on display when guests came over, so I sprung for an antique gold colored frame from Deco TV Frames to make it appear even more elevated. 

I had first tried hanging the 32-inch TV on the wall in my living room and built out a gallery wall around it. Even though this TV is literally designed for that purpose, I found myself struggling to come up with an ideal arrangement. My space isn’t that big, and hanging a bunch of artwork on the wall began to feel cluttered and overwhelming. 

Credit: Sarah Lyon

After living with that setup for a bit, I then took down all of my art and kept the TV hanging on its own, but I wasn’t satisfied with that either. While browsing Ballard Designs, one of my favorite websites for home decor and furniture, an idea came to mind: I could place my frame TV on one of their gallery easels

I’ve seen other people lean their Frame TVs on traditional, V-shaped painting easels before, but I’ve always been worried about the TV accidentally getting knocked over and falling off its stand. Available in two sizes and two finishes — brass and bronze — these easels are made of sturdy metal versus wood, and the larger size can support up to a 50-inch-high work, so this just feels like a more secure solution for display.

Given the size of my Frame, I went with the large size, and chose the brass because it worked best with the gilded finishes throughout the rest of my living room., but the bronze is striking as well. I also appreciate how the structure of the easel allows you to really secure the TV in there; you tighten knobs in the back to keep it in place with tension. 

Placing the TV on this easel also freed up the wall space above my living room dresser, which allowed me to hang an oversized canvas there. The TV is still 100 percent functional and easy to view from my sofa. Plus, if I need to bring it closer to me or turn it a bit, I can easily do so simply by moving the easel. Even better, this is a totally renter-friendly way to display any Frame (really TV or otherwise). If I were to move, I can just bring this piece of furniture with me, and no holes have to be drilled in any walls to make this mounting solution work.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this approach, which is a bit off-the-beaten-path but still practical, in my opinion. Like the TV itself, the Ballard Gallery Easel goes on sale frequently, so keep an eye out for deals and promos. This retailer will often issue 25 percent off discounts sitewide, and with Labor Day on the horizon, you might not have to wait too long to scoop this find up.

Buy: Gallery Easel, $71.20 (normally $89)