These Are the States That Prefer Baths Over Showers, According to One Study

published Jul 25, 2022
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It’s an age-old debate that is just as fiery as toilet vs. bidet and coffee vs. tea — do you prefer the shower over the bathtub? QS Supplies wanted to find out which mode of washing one’s self the world likes best. So the online bathroom warehouse company did some research, and the findings may surprise you.

After analyzing thousands of geotagged tweets about bathrooms using a virtual analysis tool, QS Supplies found which tweets were more favorable toward showers and which were more positive toward baths. And they made sure these keywords weren’t linked to other phrases like “real estate,” “home value,” or “rainstorm.”

In the United States, the findings concluded, 44 states out of 50 prefer bathtime to shower time. Alabama, Idaho, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire are the six shower states.

Credit: QS Supplies

But within bath states are shower cities — Seattle, San Jose, Raleigh, Buffalo, and Providence are among the 19 major cities that prefer showers over baths, despite their states being overwhelmingly bath-positive.

Credit: QS Supplies

In the U.K., baths reign supreme with only three cities preferring showers, and Australia leans “bath” similarly, with only four cities being pro-shower. And Canada is also prefers baths over showers, yet the divide between both camps is a bit smaller — 33 cities love baths and 13 cities prefer showers.

QS Supplies’ findings show that, overwhelmingly, the baths have it worldwide, though more research would need to be done to cover more ground and get the opinions of more citizens of the world.

What do you think? Are you team bath or team shower? Both modes of bathing have their pros and cons, but everyone seems to have a clear favorite (*cough cough* baths *cough cough*).

You can see the full QS Supplies study right here.