11 Battery-Operated Wall Sconces That Are Actually Stylish (They’re Perfect for Renters!)

updated Mar 14, 2024
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It’s true that lighting can make or break a space. If you’ve ever been in a beautifully furnished room with harsh fluorescent overhead lighting, you’ve experienced the problem first-hand. We tend to opt for softer alternatives here at AT, whether that entails decorating with table lamps, adorning a living room with floor lamps, or even lighting a simple candle.

Why You Should Get a Battery-Operated Wall Sconce

Perhaps the most regal-looking option of all, though, is the wall sconce. But yours doesn’t have to look old-fashioned (unless that’s what you’re into). There are all kinds of styles to choose from, including modern, rustic, and Art Deco. We understand, however, that there might be something else holding you back from trying a sconce or two. Typically, these fixtures are hardwired and a pain to install. The good news is that we’ve found 11 battery-operated wall sconces that aren’t likely to get you in trouble with your landlord. And it goes without saying that they look ultra-stylish, too!

Do you have a battery-operated wall sconce you love? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below.

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At just over $20, this adhesive wooden wall lamp is the most affordable item on our list. It's available in four colors and has three brightness and three light temperature settings. Whether you need a reading light or a soft background glow, this LED accessory will be a perfect fit for your space. The lamp also has a built-in rechargeable battery, which works for up to 20 hours on the lowest power setting.

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Those after a more rustic vibe can opt for this caged bulb, which is mounted to a textured wooden plank. This is one of those sconces that looks great both indoors and outdoors, so you might even grab a few for a cohesive look throughout your home. Its industrial look will add a down-to-earth, homey sensibility to any room or porch.

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Consider this Maxsa Battery-Powered Motion-Activated Wall Sconce if you want an outdoor solution. It doubles as security because it's motion-activated and is made of sturdy metal and glass construction to withstand the elements. Available in two pretty copper and black color options, it's an easy sell!

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We love the textured, artsy look of this resin sconce, which emits light from its top and bottom openings. It's available in four trendy colors and has both cool and warm light temperature options, plus customers say it's relatively easy to install. Additionally, the sconce takes LED bulbs, making it a more environmentally friendly, long-lasting light source than traditional alternatives.

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Although these rechargeable sconces are operable through an included remote control, they look anything but newfangled. Their black iron construction makes them both sturdy and vintage-looking, though you won't be paying a hefty antique price when you buy the set. And imagine how convenient it'll be to control their light settings without having to leave the couch!

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Perhaps your wall is crowded with decor or you simply desire a less obvious light source. If that's the case, this slim cylindrical sconce is for you. It looks incredibly sleek, plus it has a built-in motion sensor that's convenient for late-night bathroom runs. You can also place it near or under your cabinets for easier nighttime access and efficiency.

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Add some whimsy to your bedroom or terrace with these darling floral sconces. Each one consists of a faux bouquet and Mason jar hooked onto a farmhouse-style piece of plywood, resulting in a light fixture that's pretty enough to double as art. The set arrives with its own remote control, allowing you to effortlessly choose your desired light mode, of which there are eight.

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This gold-toned sconce set also comes with a remote, though you can also adjust the fixtures' settings by tapping directly on them. You not only get four different color settings, but you can also set the sconces to the color-changing mode and adjust the transitions so that the colors fade, flash, or strobe into each other.

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There's something about a touch-controlled lamp that has the power to bring out almost anyone's inner child. It surely feels satisfying to tap on this rectangular light's bisecting bar to adjust its dimness level. We also like that there are a variety of size options, including one not much bigger than a smartphone, which makes this set suitable for all types of spaces.

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There's no denying that these shaded sconces are positively stunning with their brass bodies and Art Deco design. These are a must if you have a fireplace or simply want to make your common areas look more refined and luxurious. Unlike some of the other sconces on our list, these don't lie flush against the wall, which is great if you want some added dimension.

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Want a softer, cozier feel to your quarters? These dimmable linen sconces will do the trick. You can choose from 16 different light colors and even set a timer to keep them on for 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Instead of the headache-inducing glare you might experience from certain overhead lights, these create a soothing ambiance for any activity, be it working, watching a movie, or getting ready for bed.