Sick of Shaker? Here’s Another Kitchen Cabinet Style That Works Everywhere

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Minette Hand)

Noticed one or two Shaker cabinets on Apartment Therapy or Pinterest lately? You are not the only one. The traditional style adds clean architectural interest while still blending in nicely with whatever else is going on. And it’s absolutely everywhere right now. But is it the only option if you want something timeless? If you’re slightly tired of this look, but don’t want something trendy, here’s a fantastic option that looks great no matter what kind of kitchen it’s in.

Meet the Vertical Paneled Cabinet

These paneled cabinet and drawer fronts go by a couple of different names — beadboard, tongue and groove, or v-groove most notably — but all have recessed lines that run from the top to bottom. Their simple geometry comes off as clean, without a lot of fuss and decorative bother, but the detail adds great texture and interest to the room. All of this makes them a solid choice in the kitchen, and a good alternative to the classic Shaker.

Scroll through the different kitchen styles to see how it can work for you, starting with a more traditional cottage, then moving on to a more modern look:

Traditional Cottage

(Image credit: Studio Mrs.)

This butlers pantry in this cottage from Studio Mrs. has old-world charm with mint paint and metallic details. The doors fit right in and are some serious vintage inspiration.


(Image credit: Lily King)

Everything about this kitchen shot by Matters of Space is clean and fresh, starting with those slat cabinets, which works well with the pattern of the subway tile and paned glass above. An all-white kitchen can read boring, but all these elements combine to make it lovely.


(Image credit: CM Studio)

This kitchen from CM Studio has a beautifully open and organic feel. The paneled cabinets are topped with a super thick countertop. Together with the rustic decor, the space feels relaxed and so not stuffy.

Scandinavian Cottage

(Image credit: Helena Skarp)

And speaking of easy and relaxed, this cottage is in the home of Helena Sharp and proves that this cabinet also has international appeal — in this case the famed coziness of Scandinavian cottage living.

Modern Farmhouse

(Image credit: DeVol)

Above, the Clerkenwell Kitchen designed by Sebastian Cox for DeVol. This space is uncomplicated, practical, and so simple — yet decidedly modern. The bored holes, instead of traditional hardware, add to the basic look.

Industrial Modern

(Image credit: Architecture EAT)

This Australian loft from Architecture EAT. The cabinet lines draw your eyes upward to appreciate the high ceilings.


(Image credit: Rachel Judd Loves)

As one of the most modern of this bunch, this kitchen from Rachel Judd Loves is seamless with integrated Fisher & Paykel appliances and flush cabinets. The v-groove paneled cupboards are by Verna and painted Dieskau grey by Dulux.

Minimalist Modern

(Image credit: Leibel)

This minimalist residence in Australia that could be austere but the pastels make it inviting and warm. The linear cabinets pair beautifully with the natural grain of the marble island and backsplash.